I had an amazing night this past Wednesday. I drank Guinness, ate pizza, watched the Red Sox, and had a very successful Fantasy Baseball Draft (which, by the way, is a topic that I’m sure will be covered at some point in the not so distant future). There was one glaring issue, I was forced to miss an episode of Lost. I use the term “miss” quite loosely here. I am not stuck in 2001 and use current technology like DVR. But not watching Lost live can be very stressful, it’s very similar to missing a big sporting and trying to avoid the scores on the ESPN Botton Line, I was forced to avoid the internet and phone calls from friends who might have left a message about what happened. I sat in a panic from 9-1030 praying that a friend wouldn’t text some revealing fact that would ruin my 60 minutes of fun.

Pathetic? Absolutely. But I have no regrets. I mean, no more pathetic than the 10 million or so other people who tune in each week. You know what the worst part is though? I fucking hate the show. Don’t get me wrong, seasons one and two were impeccable. Ever since it has been average, sometimes downright terrible. There is the last part of season five (I think four or five more episodes) plus 16 episodes in season six, at which point it will finally be over. And I would gladly donate $500 to my Meals on Wheels to read a ten page summary of the next 20 episodes and a five minute youtube summary of how it ends. I don’t have that option though. Instead I am forced to endure episode after episode of insanity, and am probably a worse person for it. But hey, it’s better than wasting all my time updating my twitter feed via my iphone while I drive…


2 Responses to HE SAID: Lost

  1. marina says:

    liking it, guys. very good. ;0

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