Oh, Jeremy. What an opening.

Beer, pizza, and Red Sox, I agree. I can’t rip on you there. That sounds fantastic. But what belittles it, is not only admitting, but actually thinking about the TV show, Lost while you’re enjoying an incredibly effortless evening with the potential of incredible enjoyment. And yes, I apologize for the over use of adjectives there.

Seriously. Thinking about Lost while watching the Red Sox is like thinking about Fran Drescher while getting a blow job from Gisele. Worse. It’s like thinking about Fran Drescher’s voice over an intercom while stuck in an elevator when you’re getting a BJ from Gisele.

And you call yourself a Red Sox fan …

The show is ridiculous. And yes, I watched the first season. And no, I didn’t get addicted. I was able to turn it off and I was able to not think about it ever again. Except when Jeremy says to me, no, I can’t go do this cool thing because Lost is on.

They are stuck on an island and somehow the company broadcasting the show has managed to keep them on this island for years. Kill them or find them. None of the characters are that interesting, and not too much is going on since they are on an island. Sex? Sure. Makes it interesting. The “Others”? No. It’s pathetic. It’s lame.

And, for the record, I have not posted a tweet while driving. I was IM-ing with Jeremy. Only because I knew it would annoy him and provide fodder for our banter.


One Response to SHE SAID: Lost

  1. hesaidandshesaid says:

    but, kate is really, really hot nifer. give me that ~ jeremy

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