HE SAID: Twitter

** He Said…

Wow, Nifer, judging by the length of your post you obviously feel pretty strongly about your love and affection for twitter. I applaud your dedication to the 4,675th different social network since my frat bro tried to get me to sign up for his in 2002 – www.campushook.com.

I recently returned from a 2.5 week business trip, two of which were spent at a luxurious resort outside of Palm Springs, CA. Between taking care of my clients, schmoozing with Gwen and Gavin, and March Madness, it’s safe to say that I was clueless when it came to what was actually going on in the world. So when I had four hours to kill in Philadelphia Internatonial Airport on my way home (at 6am no less), I thought it would be prudent to buy an actual Newspaper and watch some CNN. This didn’t last long.

The five minutes that I managed to watch was how effing Twitter was taking over our government- this Senator tweeting on the economy, that Congressman tweeting on North Korea. Hey Government officials, get off your damned iPhones and get some work done! (By the way, for those of you wondering, I checked into John McCains Twitter feed praying his url would be – twitter.com/TheMaverick, but it wasn’t).

Is this really what we’ve come to? Do we need to be this closely intertwined with each other that we want up to the minute updates? Guess what Nifer, I knew Lance was going in for surgery a couple days before you did, there was no need for Lance to tell me himself….that’s what espn.com is for.

That all being said, there some aspects that are entertaining and useful. For example, if you follow the official Pearl Jam feed, you would have learned faster than most that Eddie Vedder is going on tour this summer; or if you follow comedian Michael Ian Black, you’d know that when it comes to porn, he “is totally willing to compromise.” And last but not least, if you followed my own twitter feed where I offer incessant and often needless ramblings about the Boston Red Sox, such as, “lowrie killed that rally faster than Det. John Kimble’s Kindergarten class executed their second fire drill…”

Oh wait…Twitter still sucks. But in case you want to follow mine, or Nifer’s, look to your immediate right.


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