HE SAID: Forrest Gump*

I really don’t even know where to begin. I guess I’ll start by agreeing with you on a couple points, and say that the soundtrack was awful. I also agree that some of the allure to a certain demographic was being able to laugh at ‘slow’ people. I know when I was 13 there was some entertainment value in that for me, but then again I also found it amusing to take a dump in the bathroom I shared with my sister and not flush. I guess my point is that just because a 13 year old boy (man, I was already Bar Mitzvahed when I saw the movie) finds something funny, doesn’t mean the general public does. That is where our agreements end.

I almost feel bad for you. Do you seriously think this movie is solely about a man who acts on whims with no thought or meaning and reaps all the rewards? It’s not about someone who certainly does do many great things (saving Lt. Dan from death, giving him reason to live when Lt. Dan thought he had none, trying his best to save Jenny from a life of prostitution and drugs, or maybe simply just giving the people he sat next to at the bus stop a reason to smile), and then reaping the benefits. The beauty of this movie was that Gump did so many amazing things for people without a cynical agenda that most people have.

Last point…let’s pretend for a second that you are right, Gump was about the new American dream (a dream that many others enjoyed by the way, as it took in 344 million worldwide compared with 329 in the US), where people do nothing and good things happen to them. So what? Not everything from entertainment has to serve some moral purpose. It’s a fictional movie, for fun, for entertainment. Like the TV show Weeds, which serves an amazing message to America, “Sell drugs and let Mexican drug dealers bang you on the hood of your car, but only if you really need the money.” Is that a good message to be sending? No. Is it entertaining? Absolutely.

I am the biggest movie fan I know, because I take them for what they are, enterfuckingtainment. I suggest you do the same.

*Just so everyone knows, I am not the world’s biggest Gump fan. I in fact gave it a rating of 7/10 on IMDB.com. I still felt the need to defend it against the accusations from my jaded and cynical friend.


2 Responses to HE SAID: Forrest Gump*

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