HE SAID: Marry/Fuck/Toss

Nifer here, with Jeremy’s three celebrities.  He has to theoretically marry one, toss one off a cliff, and have a passionate one night stand with the last. The three are: Anne Coulter, Dina Lohan, Suzyn Waldman.  Have at it!


Well Nifer I’m not going to lie, despite what Maggie thinks you have made this extremely difficult for me.  Why?  Because I’d like to fuck all of them…quite angrily, I might add.  Suzyn because of this; Dina because she let her daughter wilt away; and Anne Coulter because of this.  But alas, that is not the game…

Ultimately I’d toss Suzyn off a cliff, because although I am a die hard Red Sox fan, I have many good friends who are Yankee fans, and cliffing her would end lots of their misery.

I would fuck Anne, mainly to show her just how ‘perfect’ Jews can be, in some respects.

And lastly, I would marry Dina.  Just thinking out loud here, but this could be very beneficial.  I would force feed Lindsay, make her gain some weight so she would look like this again, and ultimately try to get some Mom/Daughter action…good times all around!


6 Responses to HE SAID: Marry/Fuck/Toss

  1. magpieoz says:

    Can he fuck, then toss Anne Coulter, it really seems like the only appropriate response for the likes of her!

  2. David says:

    A solid response, however, did you consider how fucked Ann Coulter would be if you married her?

  3. magpieoz says:

    i think there should be a special donkey punch clause for anne coulter.

  4. Dan says:

    For the sake of the rhyme, can you just call it marry, fuck, chuck? Well played, Jeremy. You found your way of of a tough spot.

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