SHE SAID: AIM – Stalking Made Legal

Being 30, I’ll impart some wisdom to you.

On a Mac, you can use AIM, GoogleTalk, Jabber, whatever the hell you want, all through one program: iChat. Given your distaste of Apple products (I remember a time in the not-so-distant past when you irately declared you would never own an Apple product), I can see how you would resist this pesky product. So easy to use, so convenient. Who would want that? Of course now that you have an iTouch and an iMac …

Also, pidgin – same thing, works on PC and Mac. All chat programs can be used.

What I’m saying, is that you don’t have to choose. For those of us unwilling to fully commit to one, we are able to bounce back and forth between any and all. I love not having to use one. I’m not limited to the shortcomings of one, despite the benefits. Not required to use one for the rest of my life. Whatever IM-ing vessel you are craving or whichever you know the person you’re specifically stalking uses, it’s all there and available.

Which, of course, brings us to the whole stalking part …

I hate to break it to you, because you seem to kind of embrace your creepiness and are quite proud of it … but we stalk you guys too. Only, at this point, it’s harmless stalking. Kind of like stalking 1.0 – sitting outside and going through trash would be 5.5. And, it’s fully acceptable when someone gives you status like, going to the gym, then whatever the hell they are doing next. They are asking someone to show up unannounced at the gym. Why else would you be offering up that information? Jeremy, this girl wants you. Go to the gym and sweep her off her feet.

Unacceptable? Offering up too much personal information. “Feeling sad and alone”, “Really mad at Sarah for being such a bitch”, “Having a terrible day because I just found out my boyfriend cheated on me”. Please, those of you who post these … stop. We don’t know what to do when we read them and we don’t want to find out about this via chat messaging. That doesn’t mean we don’t care, but please let us know in a less public way.


One Response to SHE SAID: AIM – Stalking Made Legal

  1. MMM says:

    me again… I just want to clarify one point here… This girl may or may not want Jeremy, but she sure is shit is hoping the guy she does like shows up at her library study carol.

    The downside of this of course is shared by both parties. For her that it gives every joe-shmoe out there her daily going ons. As you said anyone of the creeps she gave her IM to in a drunken stupor could show up to check her out at the gym… wearing spandex I am sure.

    And for him you might just be the creep…

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