HE SAID: Internet Dating

I guess I’m coming out of the closet in a way with this post.  There are a select few who know I am on Match.com, but now the general public will know (or, rather, the 15 people who read this that don’t already know…).

There are many naysayers of internet dating, mainly people who think it is a weird way to meet people.  To those people I ask, is it any weirder than making out with some girl at Rasputins around 1:30 in the morning then asking for her number?  No, it’s not.  That being said, it is weird.  I know from experience, I’ve actually met a few girls from Match.com, and with the exception of one or two, it was not what I was expecting.

I’m not saying that they were bad experiences, or the girl was 45 pounds heavier and 10 years older than what she appeared to be in her profile, it’s just that the personalities each girl tried to convey through their profile and emails failed to appear in person.  I’ve certainly met some nice members of the opposite sex, who would ultimately make great friends.  Here’s the thing though, I have lots of fucking friends, just not any friends that I’m fucking (I feel like I may not have come up with that line myself, I just can’t figure out where I’ve heard it before), which is ultimately what I am looking for.  No, I’m not just looking for a fuck buddy, I want to be in a committed relationship, I just think that line sounded pretty good.

I also find that many girls are extremely hesitant to meet in person.  I understand that safety is certainly a necessary precaution when it comes to meeting people online, but if I’ve given you my email address, phone number, job website that features me on the About Us page, and offer to meet on Church Street midday, sack up and come have a cup of coffee.  Of course these girls might just be putting me down nicely, but that’s even worse.  I’ve been taking rejection since Margo P. turned away from a potential kiss in the 7th grade because of some cheese I allegedly had stuck in my braces, I can certainly take some girl I don’t know telling me via email she doesn’t think we’d click.

And no, I’m not joining JDate.  Seriously, check out the profiles on there.  I’d be dealing with a dating pool of like three.


4 Responses to HE SAID: Internet Dating

  1. beavereye says:

    you’re awesome.

  2. […] your busy internet dating schedule, I’m glad you’re able to keep up with the skits on SNL.  I don’t know […]

  3. […] in multiple seasons – WTF, do you have a life?  I get how it’s easy to chat up your match ladies on IM while updating your teams online, and I would imagine you slay the ladies with those opening […]

  4. kb says:

    wait, i thought j date was just for dudes who pretended to be jewish…

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