HE SAID: Lucic

You are probably right Nifer, a good chunk of our readers probably don’t watch hockey, but I don’t give a shit.  I’m like Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, “I fight for me, I FIGHT FOR ME!” In this case – write, not fight (You either get that reference, or clearly don’t watch TNT enough on Sundays late Autumn).

You know what else I could give a shit about? Your feelings about Milan Lucic.  Here’s the thing, you are spot on – he is a goon, meathead, sometimes to the point that he is detrimental to his team.  You know what else he is? Probably the most important offensive Bruin since Cam Neely hung it up.  Just for a frame of reference, Cam Neely had 39 points and 34 points in the NHL when he was 19 and 20, with a +/- of -26 and -30.  Lucic had 27 points last year at age 19, and 42 this year, with a +/- this year of 17 (and -2 last year).  Am I sitting here claiming that Lucic is going to be as good as Neely? Absolutely not, because I’m not a moron.  But I am going to sit here on my couch and tell you he has a chance to lead his team to a Stanley Cup victory, something Neely never did.

I could honestly care less that he is a cheap shot artist, because every other NHL team has at least one – yes, I’m looking at you Georges Laraque.  It’s a necessary evil of hockey.  You think his teammates don’t appreciate everything he does on the ice? You think every GM and coach in hockey wouldn’t want Lucic on his team?  If anyone answered “no” to the previous two questions, go back to the country club and book a tee time.

Still not convinced on the importance of Lucic? Go to the Bruins Home Page – http://bruins.nhl.com/ – Look who it is, Milan “I might be a goon but even the Bruins Front Office realize that at age 20 I’m still the face of this franchise” Lucic.  I would be willing to wager a fair amount of money (you know, somewhere around $10) that Lucic #17 jersey is the best selling one for the Bruins over the last 12 months.  As a fan, the business side of things doesn’t mean that much to me.  But the Bruins have not had a player this young, and this popular amongst the fans since…Cam Neely.

Honestly, the above, while important, doesn’t really have shit to do with why I heart Lucic.  Just watch him rock out during “Alive.”


One Response to HE SAID: Lucic

  1. JP says:

    I have to appreciate how completely ‘into it’ he gets. I’m impressed. And I don’t hate him as much anymore because anyone who digs Rock Band can’t be all bad. Also, contrary to many people out there, I actually cheer for the team that eliminates my team to go all the way and win it all. That way I can say “well, yes, we were eliminated but, look, these guys were obviously unbeatable this year; they won the Stanley Cup!” Go Bruins.

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