I don’t know if the poor people we force to read this watch hockey, but the playoffs are going on, and the top seeded Bruins swept the Canadiens 4-0 last night.

I started playing hockey 3 years ago and fell for the sport hook line and sinker.  I love it both as a spectator and as a player.  I love stepping on the ice on a freezing morning when I’m pretty sure that without those gas station hand warmers, I wouldn’t be able to feel my hands or feet.  I love the feeling of skating, the sound, if I can manage it, of a deep cut in the ice.  I love learning a new sport as an adult when I’m not concerned about being the best or making it onto a college team.  I love the people I’ve met and their love for the sport.

I also love the Bruins.

But I don’t love Milan Lucic.

He’s a meathead … and not in an endearing way.  He almost makes up for it by being amazingly good and having an innate ability to get the puck in the net … but his passionate fighting, ensuing penalties and occasional suspensions are unnecessary, detract from the game, and end up costing his team.

Its not that I’m a pacifist.  I wish I could claim that, but the truth is I have gotten in a fight at one of my hockey games and served a major misconduct penalty.  I got into verbal fights at most of the soccer games I played in high school that probably weren’t necessary (although, the girl who insulted my hair was out of line).  My younger brother and I would get into epic fights that that usually ended with injuries and him getting the wind knocked out of him.  It’s not that I was able to trounce him, but that he never stooped to hitting me and had to resort to other means.

I get what it’s like to get caught up in the moment.  I understand competitiveness and not wanting to lose all too well.  The feeling that the other team is, for that time allotment, the enemy.

And so I feel qualified, due to my “passion” for competing and past experience, to deem his fighting extraneous.  I wish he were either less of a hothead or less effective on the ice.  It would make my struggle easier.  Because I can’t sulk when he scores for my team.  And yet, I find it all too easy to yell at him that he’s a douchebag from the comfort of my couch.


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  1. JP says:

    Thank you.

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