HE SAID: BH 90210

It’s Sunday morning, I’ve already seen SportsCenter about 11 times since last night, which would generally leave most men with nothing to watch.  However, I am not most men.  I am lucky enough as part of my Comcast Cable package to get the SOAP Network, meaning that I can watch repeats of Beverly Hills, 90210 for four hours this morning.

I’m not going to defend Beverly Hills, 90210 as a whole.  The last few years of the show were total garbage, and the college years were bearable (but mostly because Kelly Kapowski went from this to this).  The first few seasons though, are a testament to what evening drama was meant to be.  The high school years, or “Golden Years” as I like to call them, feature an incredibly diverse set of characters, absorbing plot lines, and sweet acid washed jeans.

In all seriousness though, the show definitely attempted to tackle some important issues in the first three seasons – teen pregnancy, drinking, peer pressure & racism to name a few.  Not only did Aaron Spelling and company attempt to tackle these issues, they even succeeded on many occasions.  Right now I’m being treated to Brandon feeling like a jackass in the 4th ever episode because he assumed a black kid that was going to make the varsity basketball team ahead of him was recruited to be at West Bev…well, Brandon was wrong, and he learned his lesson, and so did the audience.

The show also created the coolest television character of all time – Dylan McKay.  He is the fucking man.  Girls wanted him, he had a sweet Porsche, often skipped school to surf, smart enough to get into Berkley (but of course opted for Cal U with the rest of the gang), and said epically cool things in a loud whisper like, “I’m gonna take a drive up the coast,” or, “I’m headed to Baja, clear my head.”  This was in direct contradiction to Andrea Zuckerman, who is the biggest loser in television history.

Seriously, watch an early episode and then compare it with latter day ripoffs like Dawnsons Creek.  In 90210 absurd things happened, but the characters seemed somewhat real.  In contrast, Dawsons had more subdued/realistic plot lines, but the characters talked like they were in a fucking Shakespearean play.  This is a quote from Dawson, “Edge is fleeting, heart lasts forever.” Shut the fuck up Dawson.  Leave the quotables to the pros, the people like Steve Sanders, David Silver, Kelly Taylor & so forth, who coined the phrase, “Donna Martin graduates!”


6 Responses to HE SAID: BH 90210

  1. Dan says:

    Your strongest point is acknowledging Dylan McKay’s impact on a generation of dudes. He set the bar, not high or low, mind you, but there was kind of a vacuum in the early 90s, post-Top Gun and before we had a decent James Bond again. He made was okay to be smart, as long as you were moody and disaffected, and drove a porsche. As for tackling the issues, the only thing Aaron Spelling tackled during his career were interns and B movie actresses. His most lasting contribution is a tossup between TJ Hooker and Charlie’s Angels.

    I never actually saw Dawson’s Creek. I was too busy chopping wood and stuff. But if I had, I’d say that it may have done some harm by setting the benchmark of female expectation impossibly high. Nobody is as wholesome as that guy was written. But you can’t judge it solely on the writing. You have to judge a teen show by the subsequent projects of their actors. No one can touch Van Der Beek. Jason Priestley’s character in Tombstone was a far cry from the Mox in Varsity Blues. You have an opportunity to blog like gods for the next 24 minutes of football.

    Final thought, the only acceptable reason for a guy to watch 90210 or Dawson’s Creek, or the OC, is opposition research. We needed a primer just to understand what the hell all our fairer classmates were talking about the next day. Hang on…got to run. I’m jumping between the Red Sox and Notting Hill on TBS.

    Holy crap…jacoby just stole home.

  2. Bob says:

    Can you explain to me the timeline of these kids? I’ve been grappling with this for years. When I re-watched the episodes this winter, I still couldn’t figure out how many years they spent in high school. Originally they’re juniors, and David Silver (who turns out to the be coolest character by far) is a freshman. They spend junior year in school and then Brandon works at the Beach Club and Brenda, David, Andrea (of course), and Donna go to summer school where brenda gets bit by the acting bug. Then it seems like they have another Junior year. Then summer, then Senior year. By this time, David has skipped two grades. Am I supposed to just suspend disbelief for this one, or is there a real answer?

  3. hesaidandshesaid says:

    i think they want you to forget they start out as juniors. they spend the first three seasons in high school (with the beginning of seasons 2 and 3 at the beach club…or paris for brenda and donna in season 3). at the end of season 3 is commencement – for a brief synopsis of each episode go here – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098749/episodes

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