SHE SAID: Marry/Fuck/Toss Round 2

As everyone knows I really enjoy 80’s movies. One of the all-time classics is Top Gun (despite that many now feel as though it’s really about Gay Love – not that there is anything wrong with that), and so I have decided to force Nifer to choose between the three main characters – Maverick, Goose (assuming the alive Goose, not the Goose who dies in a scene that still makes me weep), and Iceman.

Note: Nifer is choosing the movie characters, not the actors that portray them.


Goose is the obvious “marry” choice. Not as attractive as the others, partly due to the child molester stache he’s sporting, he’s clearly the most genuine of the three and can put up with a lot, given that he put up with Maverick’s BS easily. While the other two are trying to out dude each other the entire movie, he’s the sweetheart.

Now onto the others. I’m thrilled that you’re giving me Ice Man and not Val Kilmer who went from Ice Man and Doc Holiday in Tombstone (one of my all time favorite roles), to this. Thank you for not making me throw up in my mouth by having to envision that scenario. I’ve always preferred Ice Man to Maverick who is too unpredictable. It could be a fantastic night with silhouettes and “Take My Breath Away”, or five seconds of fumbling before he asks to bum a cigarette. As for Ice Man, he had me at his jaw snap during the topless confrontation in the bathroom.

Maverick is getting tossed for the kill beneath the hard deck.


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