HE SAID: Denim

Honestly I have no issue with your post whatsoever.  True, I give you (and indirectly all females who spend this absurd amount of money on jeans) plenty of shit, but it’s in a lighthearted manner.  The reason is pretty straighforward, I’d rather stare at this than this.

 I guess my issue with expensive jeans lies with the Male Population.  I personally don’t spend more than about $50 on a pair of jeans, and to be honest, I almost bought a pair of $100 jeans once (in a Lucky Brand outlet), which would have allowed me to sleep at night as well.  Once I start looking at jeans anywhere North of that, I begin to seize and start to feel like A-Rod (the very definition of a metrosexual).

The ironic thing is, if there was any guy who would benefit from Designer Jeans it would be me, as I am very similar to a Conehead, lacking an ass of any kind.  I just can’t bring myself to even try on a pair of jeans that will give me more of an ass.  Besides, if a girl can’t appreciate me for who I am on the inside than I don’t want anything to do with her anyway (I’ve been telling myself that since the 7th grade, and I almost believe it)!

I guess the only thing I disagree with Nifer on is this horsecrap rationalization theory of Price per wearing.  Shut the fuck up and just admit that you spent an obscene amount of money on denim.  When I purchase a BlueRay player sometime in the not so distant future for $400, do you think I’m going to tell myself every time I watch a movie – $200/viewing. $133.33 repeating /viewing, $100/viewing,” and so forth? No, I’ll rationalize it because I love watching movies, so I might as well watch them the best way possible.  And all you females out there who spend $200 on jeans need not use Price per wearing as your reasoning, just admit to yourself that you are vain and you want to look as hot as possible, all the time.  Again, I’m a guy, I appreciate that about you…I’d rather stare at this than that.


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