HE SAID: US vs. Euro Ads

I don’t want to ruin your credibility, Nifer, but I’m pretty sure you are the last person who should be commenting on television advertisements.  Can you even see the ads on that tiny, piece of shit tv? Maybe, but even if you can you claim you don’t want to upgrade it because you “never watch tv.”

I can sit here and disagree with you, and provides tons of youtube examples of funny and/or sexy U.S. based television commercials.  This is sexy, albeit made less sexy over time because obviously the main subject apparently tried to run the 100 yard dash in a 90 yard gym.  Or what about this one?  Granted, it is a Victoria’s Secret ad, but they sure as hell aren’t selling support and padding…they are selling sex.

That being said, you are 100% on the ball with your post.  It’s not just European either, it’s everywhere else.  Check out this beer commercial, from Australia, which combines humor with sex.  However as I write I’m beginning to realize this is sort of a tough thing to convince people of, unless they have actually exposed themselves to foreign television.  As I said above, it’s not hard to put a youtube list of commercials that are simply going to help prove our point.

I’ll try to help your point out with one last thought – I have been fortunate enough with my job to somewhat travel the world that last 4 years or so, and I’ve spent time in Paris, Sweden & Australia…and let’s just put it this way – Skinemax is not needed for softcore porn in any of these places, like it is here.  Simply watch a little TV, and you will see all the softcore you need, I promise.


One Response to HE SAID: US vs. Euro Ads

  1. JP says:

    Alright, good topic guys.
    The difference as I see it is that on this side of the ocean the use of sex in ads is brainless, POW! tits in your face, “we’re using sex to sell you shit but since this is supposed to be very taboo Mr. American consumer, we’re not going to even pretend to let you in on the joke so we’ll keep it naughty with a hint of voyeurism. And it’s for guys only in case you can’t notice.” Also, the closer the product they are trying to sell is associated to sex the more likely they are to use T&A to do it. Victoria’s Secret? Well, yeah, it’s lingerie. Very creative. Genius.

    Over there, in “the old world…”, they’re doing it in a tongue-in-cheek, wink-wink, ha-ha-isn’t-this-how-we-live-let’s-laugh-at-ourselves-a-bit kind of way. Litmus test: Did the euro ads that had SEX type stuff in them make me laugh? Yes. Our ads here? No. All of our stuff, including the go-daddy ads during the super-bowl, are just showy and in a weird creepy way, unsatisfying.
    Conclusion? Europe copies America in so many ways (or at least tries to); why can’t we try some of the stuff that works well in Europe? Let’s start with TV ads: quieter, shorter, more clever, … better. That ought to pave the way for mayonnaise with French fries. Hmmm!

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