HE SAID: Fantasy Sports

I’ve been told fantasy sports are geeky.  Fuck you.

fantasyBaseball2I play fantasy sports.  All year long.  Baseball, football, the occasional hockey or basketball league…I’ve played em all.  And I fully admit to loving each and every moment, even if some of those moments get me so irate I want to throw my computer into the toilet, and take a dump right on top of it.  I know what you are thinking, how can I  participate in something that seems A. geeky (it’s not) and B. gets me that angry (on a regular basis, no less).

There are really two main reasons I participate in such nonsense, as some see it.  The first is basic – it gets me generally interested in sports across the board.  I am an avid Boston supporter, and watch as many Sox/Patriots/Bruins/Celtics games as possible.  That comes with the territory.  What’s great about fantasy sports is that when the Packers play the Vikings on Monday Night Football, I will most likely have a vested interest in the game because I have Brett Favre as my starting quarterback.  Sidenote: please don’t come back Brett, please. Really, put on some Wranglers and relax with your family.

The other reason is a bit more serious – fantasy sports gives me a good way to stay in touch with lots of my friends that I normally don’t talk to.  I usually am in three leagues for both football and baseball a year, two of which are with high school and college friends.  We talk often about trades, day to day happenings in the sport, and talk shit to each other on the message board.

So essentially, for me anyway, fantasy sports is about following all teams (not just the Boston ones) more intently, and staying in touch with friends.  Explain to me, how the fuck is that geeky? I guess I can see how one might say that talking shit to my friends over the internet is a bit geeky, to those I say – you better not have a facebook, myspace or twitter account, because it’s the same fucking thing.  In fact, I would submit that people who play fantasy sports are cooler than those who don’t.  We follow sports and talk shit to our friends, pretty much the definition of cool.


3 Responses to HE SAID: Fantasy Sports

  1. KIrk says:

    I completely agree and will take it a step farther by saying i talk to friends through fantasy leagues that i would have lost contact with otherwise. I was in my first fantasy at in 6th grade, (back then we used the newspaper to count weekly scores) and it is still almost as much fun now as it was then.

  2. PDiddy says:

    Not only will I only support fanstasyports’ social networking capacity and “cool” factor, but take it even another step further to contrast it with the tabloid magazine phenomenon.

    I can’t begin to quantify the number of times fantasysports have bailed me out of an awkward social situation. My girlfriend’s friend hates his job, seemingly only watches foreign films, and probably dresses in the same plaid Eddie Bauer shirt his mom bought him in eighth grade. How can I possibly have anything in common with this person? Fantasysports bails me out again. Painful conversation about the weather turns to a riveting discussion around how ridiculous Tim Lincecums’s WHIP will be this year or how chubby the pride of Curacao has become (sorry Andruw Jones, never should have drafted you last year). I can now communicate with a person who I would never consider being friends with because of fantasysports.

    Contrast that to tabloid fever around the “Octomom” or how John of “John and Kate Plus 8” was recently spotted holding hands with a 19 year old. How could anything possibly have less relevance to your life than an Asian man living in Pennsylvania with 10 kids and a swath of hairplugs? And explain to me what is cool about reading a magazine that features pictures of Fergie and Josh Duhamel running in Manhattan Beach? Answer: an escape from reality, a fascination with people more screwed up than anyone you know, and something common to talk about. What’s awesome about checking “Perez Hilton” every thirty minutes either? What is so different about reading tabloids than following fantasy baseball?

    Fantasysports and tabloids, bringing ugly/beautiful, dull/witty, boring/interesting people together since 1996 or there abouts….

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