We’re getting boring here because I agree with you on this point as well.

I don’t know anyone who would willingly admit to liking PDA.  And I’m also pretty sure that’s not because I hang out with people who are pretty low key.  I think other than many attention starved and insecure middle school girls, most people aren’t that into it.

While I have been guilty of PDA, I’m not a fan, I don’t want my friends to see the private moments of my love or like life while we’re out having a good time all together.  I love when a guy I’m with pulls me towards him by grabbing my belt loop or feeling the warmth of his breath on my shoulder while we’re out.  It’s incredibly sexy and low key, which is what makes it tantalizing.

Have we all been somewhere with friends and had one of them unnecessarily groping someone in our company?  I’m going to go out on a limb and say hell yeah.  Are drinks usually involved?  Hopefully, because I would have to reconsider a friendship if sobriety and PDA were closely linked.  To be super specific, if I’m sitting at a table, committed to my location to a certain extent, trying to talk to a friend who either has their tongue down someone’s throat or has someone else’s tongue down their throat, I’m annoyed.  If I wanted to watch a good sex scene, I wouldn’t request any of my friend’s appearances in said film, and that, essentially, is what dislike of PDA boils down to.

I’m not annoyed because my friends are throwing their happiness in my face, I think that’s kind of a lame reason to dislike PDA.  Simply enough, it’s not necessary, and there’s nothing being thrown in anyone’s face.  We’ve all been guilty of it at one point in time, regretted it like hell (if we remembered the offense the next morning), and taken the shit that our friends dish out as we should.

On a side note, probably best that you didn’t pick up your phone, if you couldn’t hear it, it probably wouldn’t have been the best night of sex either of you had ever had.

One Response to SHE SAID: PDA

  1. todayred says:

    I am going to go out on a limb here and say those Public Displays of TONGUE are more often than not, someone trying desperately to stake their claim on the other person. So usually it’s not their happiness they are throwing around, but the only way they know how to hang on. ewww.

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