HE SAID: Packing

TravelMedicineSuitcaseThis will be my shortest post, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because I can be a bit verbose at times, to say the least.  The reason for my short windedness? I am heading to Paris in a few hours, and still haven’t packed a fucking thing.  Am I all frantic, rushing around the house (condo) in a frenzy because I don’t know what I’m going to bring?  No, not at all.  I am after all, a male.

I am going to go upstairs after my last load of laundry gets done, throw a bunch of crap in my duffel bag, put some nice clothes in a garment bag, do the Triple S (shit, shower, shave) and head to the airport.  This is in stark contrast to most females I know, who seem to have their bags out at least three days in advance.  What the fuck is with that? Do you have that many outfits it takes more than an hour to decide what to bring?

I think most guys will agree with me when it comes to packing…I am gone for two weeks, I need a few long sleeve polos and a few short sleeves, I throw in my favorites and call it a fucking day.  Females pack their shirts on Tuesday, change a few out on Wednesday, change again Thursday, only to use completely different ones when the packing is complete.

Finally there is the amount of bags…I’m gone for 17 days, and have a duffel bag and a garment bag.  A lot, I realize, but I feel like the duration of the stay warrants it.  Most girls  I know use that amount for a weekend jaunt to Florida.  Why? Room for tampons? Sexual devices should you not meet a guy?

I guess this post might be a little less interesting than most, but we do advertise that we write on “arbitrary themse,” so if you don’t like it I don’t really care.  Ok must get going, I have a feeling the first S is going to be an adventure, dirty chinese food yesterday.

One Response to HE SAID: Packing

  1. z says:

    Shoes bro, they love to pack lots of shoes and they take up sooooo much space. Also, (if things work out with the PDA girl you will understand), that when going on trips together the guys detailed simple packing is foiled when the women sees you have extra space and starts asking you to take some of her shoes and hair dryers….etc and your nicely packed bag if f*cked.

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