SHE SAID: Packing

A short post on how little you pack.  Fitting.  Only, I remember this one time, at band camp, where we were traveling together and you dragged me around for the better part of two days to find you a full zip sweatshirt, a pair of corduroy pants, and a pullover sweater.  And yes, the list was THAT specific.  The quest was fulfilled despite a foreign city and a picky shopper thanks to an efficient and capable assistant.

You bring little, but bring back more.

Which most women also do, so I’m not going to get all uppity on you there.  But I will say that I am the wrong woman to be responding to this post.  Perhaps 99% of women would have a different response, perhaps, but I pack with minutes to spare and usually have little to no thought about what goes into my bag.  Often times upsetting while unpacking at my destination, but I prefer to think of it as exciting.  For example, I have to figure out how to make a sweater and wool pants work and look comfortable and planned in 85 degree weather.  Which did happen once, but was also to blame for that, and I now use weatherbug religiously.

Focus, Nifer.

Also … garment bag?  WOW.  You’re claiming to be all tough and male, Mr. Shit Shower and Shave, while packing your garment bag!?  You’ve got nothing.  You lost me at garment bag.  You can’t play both cards at the same time.  In packing a garment bag, in the delineation, you’re exposing your forethought, your meticulousness.  Your fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy argument lost all steam.

Men have it easy.  Enter a men’s store and it’s all pretty straightforward.  Enter a women’s store, after you’ve decided which one to enter of the multitude available, and you’re still both overwhelmed and under equipped.  We have so many more options and circumstances to plan for while getting dressed that you cannot fault someone for having difficulty tackling this while packing.

Take a black tie event.  For the male, ridiculously simple: get a tux.  All you need is your measurements.  For a woman, you could fit the same body a million different ways, each with a different visual depending on neckline, draping, material, sleeve length, hem length, cut, design, and at this point, color isn’t even part of the equation.  The main decision for a man is bow tie or tie (okay, so windsor knot, half windsor … there are a few decisions there) and color of said tie.  There are so many more options for a woman, and if we’re seen twice in the same thing, people start talking and judging.  So many more ways to fail – god forbid we show up somewhere in the same outfit as someone else.  The upside is, when a well dressed woman enters a room, all heads can and will turn.

We think about this while packing, even if it’s a flurry of last minute activity.  Even if we would never admit it, we want heads to turn.  We want someone or one person to think, “oh yeah, she came/will leave with me.”

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