SHE SAID: Marry/Fuck/Toss

It’s been almost a month since everyone’s favorite game.  This time I will force Nifer to choose between the three main characters with male genitalia from Saved by the Bell (unfortunately, Mr. Belding did not make the cut.  Again, she is not choosing between the actors today (random TV show host, long-haired lawyer, and B Movie Porn Star), but instead the characters from the early 90’s that we remember so fondly – AC Slater, Zack Morris & Screech Powers.

This game is starting to be not so fun because every time I play it makes me want to gag and/or vomit and requires me to roofie myself before considering sleeping or sometimes even touching with any of the gentlemen you suggest so kindly.  I know in order to play the game I need to go there, but you’re asking me here to consider something pretty horrific, and what’s even worse is that I’m relieved after the last three you suggested.  Also, can I make a request that we move on from the 90’s while playing this game?  Okay, I’m done bitching.

I’m going to marry Zack Morris – his sweater collection would keep me entertained for years and well equipped for lame holiday parties and the like.  It would save me trips to the thrift store and at least $25 of lame sweater purchases.  Yes, I am choosing to marry someone based on the fact that his lame sweater collection rivals and arguably beats out that of Alex Trebek.

I’m going to fuck Screech Powers because he strikes me as the most “giving” of the three although it would be akward and quick, I’m sure.

Lastly, I would toss AC Slater since I imagine himself kissing his biceps while climaxing and let’s face it, does he even need someone else there while he’s peaking?  I think that position is optional.


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