HE SAID: Turning into our parents

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, because it’s hump night (Wednesday Evening, no real humping going on unfortunately), the Red Sox just won again, and I just crushed a delicious half caesar salad and chicken pesto panini from The Alchemist.  I fear if I delve too deeply into this subject it will leave me listening to Elliot Smith all night staring at large quantities of pills.

Bottom line is I’m lucky, I realized from a very early age that there was no way I was escaping the destiny of taking on many of my parents traits.  I’m far luckier in the sense that I am ok with that.  I’m especially turning into my Dad…he is a dork who likes to plan things out far in advance.  Wait, on second thought, I am already my Dad in that respect.  I am a dork who likes to plan things out far in advance. 

When it comes to raising children, I think my parents did relatively astounding on that front, especially given what they had to work with.  Sure, there are some things I think they could’ve done differenty.   I mean, as much as I liked going to beachfront resorts and out west to ski, looking back on it a few more cultural type vacations might have been a nice change of pace (I realize that they avoided this because myself and my siblings would have raised all hell while on vacation, but I still think it would have been beneficial overall). 

I also (along with my siblings) have my share of problems, which I’m sure through reading this blog you have become all to aware of them, but we all have problems.  And since I sent my Mom’s Mothers Day card late (and no gift), and I will probably do the same to my father, I’d like to publically give them a pat on the back and thank them for raising me to become the man I am today.  A man with a small one bedroom condo, subaru forester, low paying job and who can’t hold down a steady relationship! (kidding. well not really, it’s all true, but like I said earlier, they didn’t have much to work with…)


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