SHE SAID: The Overuse of WiFi/Internet Cafe’s

I love your unbridled and rampant hatred of these tools sitting around in cardigans (how dare they) and working on writing. You’re right. You’re so right. What a loser for going and working somewhere where they can get free wireless and check out the people. Especially if they are working on a piece that includes characters and they might need to do a little people watching to make some of their characters more believable or interesting or less one dimensional.
Who are you to judge the validity of someone’s actions and how they are spending their time? Or whether or not they deserve to be sitting in a place that offers free wifi? I mean, I love you and all, but maybe you should be worrying more about selling your tickets and less about what the guy next to you is doing. Although, I will give you that the exchange you had with said douchebag is pretty douchebaggish.
Stop spending your time worrying what the guy next to you is doing with his time and criticizing what he’s wearing (I’m wondering who is deserving enough to wear the J. Crew cardigan without receiving a lashing from you?) and focus on your own stuff. You’re own latté, your own laptop, life, incoming SMS messages, whatever it is.
Is the person next to you on their computer harming or even affecting your life in any way other than the stress you are generating over judging him or her?
I think we get into a lot of trouble when we’re worrying about and judging neighbors, be they literal or metaphorical, thoughts, actions, and clothing. To a certain extent, it’s inevitable that we compare ourselves to those around us. We want to be like someone we admire, we don’t want to turn out like a parent or sibling, we want to impress someone we like, keep those we don’t like away from us, we’re going to do things to either elicit a response from someone or emulate someone.
But let’s have it stop there.
These places are offering free wireless internet and most don’t even require the purchase of one of their coffees, although I would recommend it just because it’s polite. What people chose to do with that access to the mighty world wide web is their business and whether it’s the worst screenplay in the world, or a new masterpiece we will be discussing for centuries, it’s their choice where they write it, if they write it and what they wear while writing it.
How you choose to spend your free time with access to the internet is completely up to you, and I’m happy to rip on you for that or have you rip on me for that if we choose to go their with this idea, but as for the poor bastard sitting next to you who unknowingly opened himself up to 541 words of condemnation by choosing to go to the local starbucks that day … let’s cut him and the like a break.
As a side note, I love ordering small, medium and large sizes instead of tall, vente and grande when I go to Starbucks. Just to be an ass in whatever small way I can.


3 Responses to SHE SAID: The Overuse of WiFi/Internet Cafe’s

  1. Is it just me, or is your font and spacing much much MUCH smaller than your male’s counterpart’s post above? Can you fix that, as it’s really not cool to hold a magnifying glass in front of my computer screen…especially when I’m sitting in a Starbucks with my dell netbook.

    P.S. I’m the guy who voted “other” in your poll below. So my vote counts.


    • hesaidandshesaid says:

      Rocky, Thanks for the feedback, we’ve redesigned in the hopes that the new design is easier to read in many ways. -Nifer

      • I appreciate the re-design, however, my optician (whose business will suffer) may have a different opinion.

        (You can’t please all the people all the time.)

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