HE SAID: The Left Lane

I must admit, you make some incredibly good points. However, I must make people aware of some of your other driving habits so everyone can take what you have written with a grain of salt. You are constantly on your iPhone, and while I tend to make a phone call or two while driving as well, I do not have text message conversations or update my facebook status while behind the wheel (I know it was only once, but one FB update while driving is too much). The other thing people should know is that you are chronically late, so maybe some of your frustration when stuck behind a car in the left lane going 72 should be taken out on yourself, as it’s typically your own fault you are in such a rush.

But alas, you are correct. People these days just don’t seem to have proper road etiquette. I really feel like its a Golden Rule type thing (remember that ‘do unto others’ bullshit). Everyone knows what it is like to be frustrated on the road…whether it’s because of someone hanging out in the left lane, someone going 35 in a 50 on a one lane highway, or someone not waiting their turn at a 4 way stop sign. People need to remember how fucking obnoxious that is, and then simply not make the same mistake themselves.

I will say though that sometimes left lane protocol can be difficult to judge. For example, let’s say I’m going about 75 and passing a line of cars going around 65. I’m feeling good about myself, because my Subaru Forester is crushing it, but then all of a sudden a Honda Civic with flames on it and 12 inch spoiler comes out of nowhere at 85 mph, and clearly wants to pass me! What should I do? Many people would stay in the left hand lane and pass all the cars and THEN move back over, letting the Pimp My Ride car finally pass. In my opinion, this is the wrong procedure…squeeze back in the right lane, wait til he passes you, and then move back over.

I really don’t have much more to add but I thought I should throw in one quick Drivers Ed story. On my first ride out, my instructor was a large woman (as in, there is no way someone could fit in the backseat behind her). Anyway, she had me go through a Dunkin D’s drive through at about 5pm because she “needed a snack and wouldn’t be eating dinner til 7.” I figured maybe a glazed donut and small coffee. I figured wrong. She devoured two Boston cream pie donuts, a double chocolate donut and a large iced coffee (extra cream, extra sugar) before I squared off my next left hand turn. Hmm, maybe Obesity in the USA is a good future topic…


2 Responses to HE SAID: The Left Lane

  1. Nifer: Respectfully disagree. For a lot of different reasons, among the most dangerous moments on a highway is during lane changes.

    If you are moving at 70; and passing a row of cars going 65; and some jerk is on your tail wanting to go 80 … the safest thing is to ignore the jerk … finish passing the row of cars … and then move over. To squeeze in solely to accomodate the jerk is a higher risk maneuver, and I was taught, just plain wrong.

  2. Rolando says:

    The Golden Rule and driving. I love it. My personal pet peeve is street parking (I live in New York). People leave huge gaps either between them and the car in front of them or between them and the end of the sidewalk. This adds up and you lose parking spaces. As much I am very, very consciousness to park in a manner that allows for as many cars as possible to fit on the street. Anything else is bunk.

    To quickly defend Nifer: she’s not talking about going 70 when over cars are going 65. She’s talking about when the speed differential is so, so small that the car has no real business being in the passing lane in the first place.

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