HE SAID: Dear Mr. Brett Favre

brett-favreDear Mr. Favre,
With all due respect, and remember I’m saying ‘with all due respect,’ please go the fuck away. I could stop there, because that is the bottom line, but I am one verbose individual so I’ll start from the beginning.

For about half of my life, I viewed you as a hero. I didn’t care about the painkillers, the Wrangler jeans, or the fact that you destroyed my beloved Patriots over a decade ago in the Super Bowl. The only thing I saw was a guy who was the ultimate competitor – you hated to lose, and you loved to win. No matter what. For too many athletes this generation they would rather have great stats in a losing effort than a subpar game in a win (eg – Vince Carter). Why? Because they are all about the big payday. And while I’m not going to sit here and pretend you didn’t care about a large paycheck, but you appeared to care about winning lots more. And appearances are all that matter when it comes to fans, because for as much as we’d like to pretend, we don’t really know you.

But now I’ve turned against you. I realize it’s a bit of a cliche, since the whole world seems against you now, but you’ve only yourself to blame. You mulled retirement after the 2005, 2006 AND 2007 seasons, effectively holding your beloved Packers hostage each time. Finally, after the 2008 season, you retired. Then what seemed like two days later you unretired and forced your teams hand into dealing you to the Jets (this I was secretly excited about, because as a Pats fan I knew you would bring extreme joy followed by immense sorrow to the POS Jets fans, and you did not disappoint)!

Then, after a brilliant start to the season in which people fell in love with Brett “the Gungslinger” Favre again the clock struck 12 and you turned into the over the hill quarterback we all knew you were. So, you retired, afuckinggain. And now you reportedly want to play for the Minnesota Vikings…why? To get revenge against the Packers, the team and city that embraced you for 15 years! The same team that by ‘mulling’ over your feelings you effectively ruined their chances at a decent team for the past five years.

There have been many athletes who have taken this route, and all have managed to tarnish their reputations (think Jerry Rice with Oakland & Michael Jordan with Washington). Please just call it a day, I want to remember you like this, not like this.

I know no one can ultimately tell you how to live your life, but sometimes it takes an outside perspective to realize certain truths.

Yours Truly,

99% of NFL fans.

PS – I was kidding about the Wrangler Jeans.  They suck and so do the commercials.  I tried a pair on and they are not Real. Comfortable. Jeans.


2 Responses to HE SAID: Dear Mr. Brett Favre

  1. Brett says:

    Brett Favre is awesome you mother f$%ker

  2. […] There’s only one thing to say: he’s a pro.  And you thought he was all about 90210 mourning and Brett Favre ruminating. […]

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