HE SAID: Michael Jackson

Whoa, Nifer, I realize death is a serious matter, but given the amount of Michael Jackson jokes and links that were flowing this weekend (some provided by you no less), I would have thought we could make light of the situation, within reason.  I guess I was wrong.  I’m going to skip all my thoughts about why he turned out the way he did, because you did a pretty effing amazing job of getting it down.

What’s so odd about reading your post, which I did about 5 times before writing this, is that I agree with the entire body of your thoughts, but disagree entirely with the premise behind  your post.  The best thing for Michael Jackson was to die, at this point of his career? Really? When he was in debt up to his white/black ears, and nothing he has done in the music world has been respected since that weird video with Magic Johnson?  I think this was the worst possible time.  MJ had a come back left, lord knows it wouldn’t have been a throwback to his thriller days.  But I wanted to see if he could climb back up to at least a respectable level.

This actually got me thinking along the lines of my last post on why Brett Favre should retire.  In a way similar stories – one was the King of Pop, the other the best QB in the NFL for about a decade, and both fell off respective cliffs towards the end of their careers.  Oh yeah, and both were white (too soon?).  And so I started asking myself, ‘why do I want Brett Favre to retire so badly but I wanted to see Michael Jackson try to come back?” 

Well, I finally realized that I was clearly overthinking this because there is a world of difference in the steepness of the cliffs these two legends fell off.  Favre lost a step, lost some power in his arm and threw lots more interceptions, and just generally pisses people off now…Michael Jackson turned into a freak show that was accused multiple times over of touching little children.  Bottom line is Favre can retire now and people will still remember all the good, and the bad will fade away.  I’m a bit nervous that with MJ dying now, before getting a solid comeback chance, we will simply remember the bad, and forget all the good he did.  I mean, this is a guy that donated over $300 million dollars to charity over the course of his life.  Things like that, along with the Billie Jean video, need to be preserved.

MJ’s upcoming tour could have been his version of Sylvestor Stallone’s “Rocky Balboa.”  After years of wallowing in years of bad music and bad press (and Rocky V, the worst sequel ever made), MJ could have become a respectable individual again.  Sadly, we’ll never know.


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