HE SAID: Texting/Email Abbreviations

Once again, Nifer, you are relatively spot on with your social commentary here.  I’m simply going to elaborate a bit on your thoughts.  Before that however, I’m going to rip on you for even knowing the term ‘pwn.’  I for one, had never heard of it.  I was forced to use AltaVista, er I mean google, to find out what it means.  According to most of the sites I found the general consensus seems to lead to this definition of pwn, “to own, in the sense of defeat, usually pertaining to online gaming.”  Wow, you are a huge geek. Do you lead a sercret online gaming life no one knows about?  Is the real reason you decided to be a freelance designer was so that you could sit at home and take over the World of Warcraft?  Seriously, how the fuck do you know the word ‘pwn?’ Please divulge!  All in jest, had to get that out there though. Haha.

It’s my last word that I really want to focus on, ‘haha.’  I could have very easily used the ‘lol’ thing in that spot, but instead of using a lame ass term like that, I used one extra letter to actually convey the fact that I was indeed, laughing.  That’s what kills me about most of these text abbreviations.  For the most part, there are always substitutes (in many cases actual real words) that aren’t nearly as lame.  Lol = haha. TY = thx (not quite as lame) = thanks (a whole effing 4 extra letters).  Y = yes.  FO = fuck off.

Now, like you, I do give some leeway when it comes to text messages, given that usually you have a limited amount of characters.  But lets face it, how often are you really in danger of coming close to that limit?  I thought for a minute I’d give leeway to younger kids too who like to chat online.  Mainly because they might not be quite as good at typing since they are younger, and use that whole “hunting and pecking” routine.  But you know what? Screw that.  Practice those longer words and sentences and you might get to know QWERTY a whole lot quicker.

There is a caveat for the difference between texts and emails now.  With the amount of people who own iphones and blackberrys, the line between a text and an email has become blurrier than my vision last week (before I embraced my dorkness and got a pair of spectacles).  When sending an email from one of these phones, is it really that much different than a text? Anyway, some food for thought on America’s Birthday weekend.  Wait, this last point about about iphones/blackberrys leads me to a final thought…perhaps more annoying than everything above is the signature, “sent from my verizon blackberry” or something along those lines.  I don’t really give a shit, and neither does anyone else.  I don’t have one personally, but it can’t be that difficult to change that signature.


One Response to HE SAID: Texting/Email Abbreviations

  1. Kirk says:

    I think pwnd has spread beyond online gambling. My friends (yes I have some) and I use it all the time at work. As in, “Not going to lunch today, getting pwnd.”

    Jeremy you should feel pretty lame for not knowing the meaning, and having to googlize it. See what I did there, made up my own internet word

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