HE SAID: Previews

I’m impressed, you covered many topics in a short span, I guess I’ll start with the obvious – once again you being a ritard when it comes to showing up on time.  When you arrive at a designated meeting point for a 7:30 movie at 7:28, and that meeting spot is a ten minute drive from the theater (not to mention the additional 5-7 minutes for parking, ticket & popcorn buying), just sack up and admit that you were late, and as a result we were forced to see a subpar Forrest Gump 2: Benjamin Button when we could have been enjoying that Millionaire movie that won a bunch of awards.

Next up would be advertising in general, which you did touch upon.  I can give you my thoughts on that quickly: I have no thoughts on it because I don’t watch commercials anymore.  Before the greatest invention of our time, Tivo/DVR, when I was forced to watch more of them, I simply don’t remember being affected by any of them.  My parents would beg to differ, since I’m sure I begged for this every birthday and Hanukah.

Now, to the bulk of your post…movie previews.  While I admit movie previews have got a bit out of hand recently, and are sometimes too long and too many can be shown, they are still key to the movie theater experience.  In fact, often times, they directly affect my overall enjoyment of the movie.  A great movie is still a great movie.  But lets say I go see something like, Benjamin Button, and I also see shitty previews, I’ll leave feeling deeply unsatisfied.  However, if I get to see a preview for Watchmen, Terminator 4 and Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince, the actual movie could be more disappointing than Transformers 2 and I’ll be happy.

If you think about it, previews are essential to knowing what to see and what to avoid.  I agree that something needs to be done about the length and amount given away from lots of previews, but overall if used correctly will greatly benefit you.  I think I’ve watched so many previews that I can actually watch them better than most.  For example, when seeing the trailer for The Taking of Pelham 123, many people would see an intense action movie with a couple of stars and a big name director.  I see a movie starring Denzel playing pretty much the same role he always does, and John Travolta overacting like he always does.  Now I know to avoid that movie at all costs.

Think about one of your recent movie watching experiences.  You saw Rachel Getting Married and were expecting a lighthearted comedy, not the gut-wrenching melodrama that unfolded in Anne Hathaways best role since Havoc.  Now, you still may have enjoyed the movie, but I guarantee if you had seen a preview (or at least read some of the fucking back cover) you would have known what you were getting yourself into and had a better movie watching experience.

Movie previews on DVD rentals are even more fun, ESPECIALLY when you rent older movies.  There is nothing quite like renting a movie from 1996, seeing a preview for A Time To Kill, and thinking, “Wow, what the fuck did Matthew McConaughey do to his career?”

Before I leave, I’ll leave you with two recut trailers from youtube, they are pretty effing hilarious.  Top Gun & The Shining.


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  1. Rolando says:

    I worked in marketing for a movie studio so I know a bit about this. I really just want to add a quick fact: the rules are all movie trailers must be 2 minutes and 30 seconds or less, otherwise theaters won’t show them. Each studio is allowed on exemption (up to 3 minutes) per year.

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