SHE SAID: Previews

Advertising annoys me when I’m aware of it.  When it’s done well and I’m duly fascinated by either or both the presentation and the product, I adore it and am the first to admit my awe of  it’s swagger and power.

That being said, advertising is dirty.  Convincing people they need something they don’t isn’t the most honorable job description and I’m all in favor of obstructing that dirty little goal with subtly and innuendo so I can enjoy the breaks in my television programming, and my drive on I95, and my magazine perusal and my internet browsing and my radio listening, and wherever else I am subject to the onslaught of advertising afforded to us by modern media without realizing that I am having something shoved down my throat.

preview image

Which brings me to previews.  Previews make car ads look like fine art.  Cut to give a feel for a movie in 2 minutes or less, they usually give away most of the defining moments of the movie and if all of the good scenes aren’t included, most are.  All while we’re waiting for the movie for which we paid over eight dollars to begin.  Is anything good while watered down like that?  And if it is, shouldn’t we be worried?

I’m not a huge fan, but I can get my mind around why they are included in the movie theater experience and will accept that while I’m annoyed, it’s part of the deal.  An added bonus for someone who is perpetually late, it buys me another 5 – 10 minutes to get to the theater.  And yes, Jeremy, I still think we could have made it to the movies those two times I was marginally late because of this preview window.

On a rented movie, however, I see no need.  If the movie is coming to theaters soon, it’s a limited window in which to advertise and not entirely supportable anymore.  Rent that movie while it’s still in the new release section, but on it’s way out, and the preview is for a movie that’s in-between theater release and DVD release.  Rent that movie once it’s been banished to the back shelves of the store, and the preview is pointless because you’ve either seen the previewed movie or know you don’t want to see it.

Conversely, if the preview is too far out into the future not enough of the movie is shot to include a catchy preview and the release date is laughably far off and the viewer will forget about it until the real movie publicity begins which makes the pre-preview even more extraneous.

Oh, and I rented a movie and I’m on my couch with a fuzzy blanket and my feet curled in and it’s the first time I’ve sat down all day and I just put the remote down so I have to put my snacky cakes down and reach for it and then retuck myself in and to skip over the five previews.  And please stop selling me something for a few seconds so I can enjoy entertainment without feeling the need to consume something else or hear what other products Lion’s Gate feels I would also enjoy watching.


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