SHE SAID: Tour de France

I feel like this shouldn’t be titled Tour de France, because really what you’re griping about is people who make a seemingly insightful comment only to have nothing to back it up with.  And really, while the other night at the hopping Vermont bar it might have had to do with the Tour, in reality, your beef has nothing to do with the tour specifically … and yes, I’m protective because bike racing is getting reamed on in a lot of ways and I don’t like adding to that unnecessarily.

Now, just to clarify …

You’ll watch multiple seasons of a show with characters stranded on an island being chased by “the others“, you’ll sit on your couch all day on a beautiful Sunday watching hours of television, you play in multiple leagues in the same fantasy sport … but the Tour can’t hold your interest.

Sure, like a baseball game, each second of the Tour is not gripping.  It is an event that is interesting far beyond, or even in spite of, Lance Armstrong.  And the most interesting story isn’t always the winner, but often times about the team, the lesser known battles for King of the Mountains, best young biker, etc.  There is a lot going on in the weeks spent biking around France.

As far as the guy at the bar the other night … as long as someone is at least uttering factual or true one liners, who cares.  Are we going to start giving out pop quizzes before someone can make a comment about something?  Might not always be a terrible idea given the amount of misinformation on many subjects out there, but in this case, someone can be in awe of Lance’s domination of the event or his attempt at a come back without knowing what team he’s on this year or who he’s trailing.  It’s possible to be impressed without having meticulously read each and every article pertaining to Lance.  Might even be better for Lance that not everyone is reading every article about him because it means that somewhere someone might have a favorable opinion of him.


One Response to SHE SAID: Tour de France

  1. God says:

    A Tour de France blog is as interesting as the coverage….snooze. Lets get back to the fun stuff, like how can Jeremy not marry Hazel Mae….INSANE.

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