HE SAID: The British Open

Just a warning, for those hoping for my own version of some fashion awards coming at the end of my post, I am not nearly as lame as Nifer, so don’t hold your breath.

While I see where you are coming from on the main part of your post, I can’t agree with you.  Yes, obviously it would be ideal if Cink had instead beat out someone else, someone not my father’s age, someone who has been relevant on the PGA Tour in the last two decades.  That way, the press would be focusing on Cink finally winning a major 12 years after being named PGA Rookie of the Year, instead of some young guy robbing an elder statesmen of one final chance at glory.

But, it is not ESPN’s or any other news outlet’s job to sugar coat anything.  They simply reported what people wanted to hear.  And the fact is, people simply didn’t give a shit about Stewart Cink, because even a first time major winner isn’t history.  At least, compared to Tom Watson winning a major at the age of 59.  BBC reported that when they walked up the last fairway together, 95% of the crowd was cheering for Watson.  In that sense, Stewart Cink was absolutely the villain. 

That’s how sports culture works.  When your favorite is out, almost everyone roots for the underdog.  And since Cink is pretty much no one’s favorite (to know fault of his own really, he is just one of the bland golfers you were referring to); and Watson hasn’t been anyone’s favorite since I was swinging plastic clubs in my backyard with my Pampers on, anyone not related to Cink was rooting for Watson.  Given just how amazing this would have been (think Soderling over Nadal, Miracle on Ice, Giants over Patriots (are you allowed to double parenthesize, because I just did to inform you that I puked in my mouth thinking of that fucking game)), people were pulling for Watson with even more emotion than normal.

I mean, for eff’s sake, I was watching the last few holes in the gym and was near tears watching the look on Watson’s face the last couple of holes, and that all of a sudden, he did indeed look 59 years old.  Actually, I think the tears were probably a result of the anxiety I was feeling after too much alcohol consumption over the weekend…

And as for Cink, when he looks back on this in two decades will he wish he could have won his first major a different way?  Of course he will.  Did he lose a little sleep because of it last night?  Yes, he did…but only because he was figuring out different ways to spend his $1.24 million dollar paycheck.  Besides, he will probably be an answer to a Trivial Pursuit question in 25 years (Nifer, hold onto this fact.  If you do you might actually beat me one day at that game).

PS – The Sports Guy may not have posted a full article (yet), but see here for some Twittering.


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