SHE SAID: British Open

I watched some golf this weekend.  Gripping news, I know.  I also cleaned underneath my nails.

Stewart Cink won, but somehow I end up feeling sorry for the guy.  No one I know was rooting for him and numerous people throughout the afternoon and evening said wistfully and out of nowhere, “Man, I wish Watson had won the Open.”  Plus, despite his win and an exciting four-hole playoff, everyone is going to remember 2009 as the year that Tom Watson almost won the Open for the sixth time at 59 years of age.

The New York Times started off their coverage with: True, Stewart Cink spoiled the party, the story and the symmetry of Tom Watson’s rising from the heather to win on the same lovely links where he raised the claret jug when Jimmy Carter was president and woods were still made of wood.  But …

ESPN’s headline: A Villain in Victory?  I was hoping Simmons would have had some funny article on the Open, but had to settle for another installment of mailbag.

If someone had told Cink that despite playing a great 76 holes and winning the British Open, his first major, that he would have beat out Watson and the circumstances surrounding his win … would he have played the same game?  Does someone who won a major title deserve a little better than condemning headlines like ESPN’s?  Can we mourn Watson’s loss without sabotaging Cink’s celebration?  Do we really need to refer to him as a villain and party spoiler?

Thankfully, Cink seems to be an incredibly gracious and understated man and he’s not making a scene out of the reception his win received like some other’s might have.  Is his tolerance making the wistfulness worse?  Enabling it?

In other news, I feel golf needs a makeover.  The outfits, while funny and oddly stodgy, are ridiculous and need some updating.  The companies represented make decent clothing and somehow, despite this, 90% of the “athletes”  haha, look like my grandfather in high waisted, pleated and at best dark khakis.  All of which I thought were outlawed years ago.  I understand that many of them are older and that they are not out there to look good, but to get the job done … but it is not a prerequisite that they look dull, monotonous and uninspired.

I’m going to go typical female here for the sake of the blog and present some awards.

Chris-Wood-001Best Dressed: Chris Wood, although his hair needs work.  He modernized a classic look and it was slick.

Worst dressed: Too depressing to work out and way too bland.  It’s like looking at a lot of pictures of plain oatmeal over and over and over.

Medal of Valor: Daly for his FANTASTIC argyle pants.  I didn’t even know argyle pants were an option.  It was like a glimpse at the fourth dimension.  They will be mine.

Britain Open Golf

Pay Attention to me: Ian Poulter.  He’s like the Phoebe Price of golf.  Although, at least he’s having fun.  His closet would be fun to raid after a night of too many vodka red bulls.


One Response to SHE SAID: British Open

  1. God says:

    If golfers, who play a professional sport, aren’t “athletes”, what are they? I’m pretty sure if I played Turnbury I would shoot a 120.

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