SHE SAID: Promptness

Before anyone berates me in the comment section, for those of you who don’t know, I am chronically late.  The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?  I find it’s usually about 15 minutes, but sometimes despite best intent, I stretch it out a bit longer.  There are those who think my showing up late is disrespectful of their time.  And while I completely understand that, it is not my intent in any way shape or form.

It all started way back, such a long long way back …

My entire family is late. As Jeremy’s childhood friend, we seem to operate on our own time & space continuum.  Christmas morning starts at 11 am, dinners scheduled for 7 start at 9, and any time it’s really important, tell us to be there at LEAST a half an hour before you actually want us there.

Once I walked home from soccer practice as a young child (4 miles) only to find my mom hadn’t left to pick me up yet.

So, I consider my 15 minutes preferable to both my brother’s 45 minutes (my sister-in-law’s ring tone for him is “love isn’t always on time” – brilliant) and my mother’s solid hour.


My most horrendous offenses to date that I remember:

I was close to two hours late for a friend’s Christmas Dinner without a good reason.  Well, it was good for me, but they weren’t as understanding.

I once told Jeremy I was on my way to meet him as I was stepping into the shower which resulted in me meeting him at 7:28 for a 7:30 movie that was 30 minutes away.

I recently orchestrated a meet up with friends at 7 and while they were all there at 7, I was just getting off my bike at seven and didn’t make the dinner until a little after 8.  Thankfully, they had all ordered a few drinks.

I have spent a large amount of time this summer driving 85 MPH +  for over three hours in an all out effort to make the last boat of the day to my destination … because I left home late.

Thankfully cleanliness, not timeliness, is next to Godliness because at least I have some hope in that area.

I just asked my best childhood friend if she had any memories of my lateness and she said in an incredibly sexy voice (she’s single, gentlemen) ….

“You are always late. I factor in an extra 45 minutes, no joke, when you are meeting me and honestly it works out pretty well.  You have the best intentions of anyone I know and you genuinely want to be on time and make plans but it’s how it goes.”

About two weeks ago, I decided, after a day of being ten minutes late for everything (and it was a heavily scheduled day, so it was wearing me down) that I was going to be on time.  And, surprisingly enough, I did it.  I was uncomfortable at first. I didn’t know what to do with all the time I found I had, and I was really unaccustomed to not running around like mad and constantly apologizing for keeping people waiting.  But it was nice.  In comparison to my regular state of being, I felt like I had just stepped out of a spa.

I could get used to it.  Maybe.  But I’ve got to work in room for the spontaneity quotient, so don’t count on me to be on time ALL the time.


6 Responses to SHE SAID: Promptness

  1. Marina says:

    Tough subject for the Knights. Though they may show signs of improvement, which I should add makes them think they have made up for repeated lateness with one on time arrival, they are hopeless. They just like to be late, have always operated this way and therefor must be lied to in order to be remotely on time. After a few times though even this is a tough tactic to make a success. You have to be tricky and on top of it to get the lie across, layer scenarios, make up conversations you had regarding the plan, etc. Some, as the post indicates, are later than others. The best thing that has come from the lateness of one Knight in particular, I may be married to him, is the support network of friends who have nearly blown gaskets waiting around. We share a deep bond. I used to think there was some sort of disrespect associated with the lateness, but now I have come to realize there is not. Don’t get me wrong, being late is sort of disrespectful, but when you see just how important brewing that extra cup of Pete’s for the road is to a guy, you can’t help but love him just a little more.

  2. Ryan says:

    If your known as always being late stick with it. I feel people that know plan that factor in. I had a friend Joey that was always fn late… always. Sure it pissed us off but eventually we started telling him to meet at 8 when we were really meeting at 9. Keep being late if that’s what you do. But… Please try to be on time for our game later.. 🙂

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