HE SAID: Smoking

Whoa, Nifer, hold the phone…cigarettes are harmful? Get the eff outta town.  Since I can’t really argue with you in anyway because I’m in total agreement with everything you said, I’ll try my best you explain why cigarettes are still a major part of our culture.  Even today, when every single piece of scientific research explains that smoking leads to some relatively shitty outcomes.

But I think I’ve figured it all out…You can talk all you want about different paths people take: starting off with one or two, trying to impress friends, trying to look cool, giving into peer pressure, yada yada bullshit.  The bottom line is this: people smoke cigarettes for two different reasons – 1. smart people do dumb things every single day and 2. there are an assload of dumb people in this world.

Originally I was thinking that people smoke because people are dumb, but I kind of pictured one of those venn diagrams from logic…and certainly if you have two circles (smart people and dumb people), they would certainly overlap in the middle for people who smoke.  Explaining why dumb people smoke is pretty simple – somewhere along the line that stupid person’s parents smoked, and was never taught smoking, so he she smoked…but why, why oh why do smart people smoke?

For example, Nifer you are smart…you’ve smoked.  I am smart, I have smoked.  The 14 readers we have are probably smart, and some of them have even smoked.  We also do plenty of other dumb shit (I have three friends in the past 3 months who have acquired everyone’s three favorite letters – I, D & U…and not necessarily in that order…and I’m pretty sure that can lead to thinks like death as well).  Why do we do these things?

I smoked for the first time to impress a girl.  It was 8th grade.  Very ironic for a few reasons – 1. who would want to make out with a kid with a few pimples and breath wreaking of camel lights? 2. It actually worked, I did get a kiss and 3. I have not succesfully impressed a girl since!

That’s really all I have on this. I wish I could write more, but the fact is I sent an application in to grad school last week and have tossed and turned every night since hoping I get in; and as I write the Red Sox scored their first runs in a decade and promptly gave up two solo shots to lose the lead. And if I don’t get in I probably wont have a job either.  Good news is, that could be a seriously good FML for that lame site (and yes it’s lame cause so much of that shit is made up).

Someone leave a comment of something dumb they did (first time smoked, first time did drugs, unprotected sex, drove drunk, etc etc).  Be a big person and own up…


One Response to HE SAID: Smoking

  1. Ben Brier says:

    In response to “hesaid,” one word: windridge. (You became a man at that fine establishment)

    Second, as someone who was once caught with some cigarettes in a small private school in the 6th grade that I found where I was getting my hair cut (I am badass, I know)it was 110% to impress girls.
    However, most cigarettes after that were for the light buzz.

    I think smart people smoke because they want to enhance their buzz, they need to relieve some stress, or they want a light buzz without drinking or doing drugs. The current Prez is a good example. The question isn’t about “smart” and “dumb.” It’s about “why.” Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Yessahhh…

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