HE SAID: Birthdays

Today is my birthday.  In fact, apparently is made extra special because it is my “Golden” birthday or some shit like that.  I turn 28, on the 28th of August…this was most likely made up be females in an effort for even more attention on the celebration of the anniversary of their arrival (ironic, isn’t it? Here I am blogging about my own birthday claiming females crave attention).  Bottom line is I turn 28 today, and am starting to freak out a bit.

Exacerbating this tweak out episode is the fact that I start Graduate School Monday.  Take out the ‘graduate’ part though, and it simply reads, “I start school Monday.”  My fingers are twitching as I write that.  28, just starting school again, really? What the fuck have I been doing these last 5 years?

Truth be told, life has been pretty sweet since I graduated college, I just can’t believe it’s been five years…and truth be told, I’m excited about this next stage.  However, it does raise a few questions, the main one being – am I allowed to hit on undergrads?

When a friend found out I was starting grad school his first comment was, “I want to be attending a dorm party with you before the end of this semester.”  Is that allowed? Is it condoned? Fuck, is it even legal?  Am I really going to be doing an Around the World Party at the UVM dorms soon? Remember those, when like 5 different dorms would have 5 different drinks, good times.  I mean, I highly doubt this will actually come to fruition, but stranger things have happened.

Stranger things like holding down a steady relationship? I mean, I am 28 now, its about effing time.  I wonder what is actually more likely to happen – attending a dorm party sometime before finals or finding myself in a somewhat serious relationship.  My guess is Vegas would have the former being somewhere around 10:1, and the latter at 15:1.

What about intramurals?  I am pretty sure I spent a good amount of time as an undergrad making fun of the dbag grad students who participated in intramurals, and pretty much anything that related to undergrad students.  But now I’m starting to think it would be a good way of meeting some people; and not to be arrogant, but I’m pretty sure I’d clean house if I played tennis, and winning is always fun…even at my old-age.

Last Friday night was amazing…so amazing in fact that I really couldn’t tell you in detail what made it so amazing, not so much a black out as a brown out.  I’m sure doing that at age 28 is still fine, lets be honest, what makes 28 so different than 27.   But what about 29, one short of 30.  Hell, what about 30.  I would say that I’m pretty mature for my age, but I enjoy my immature moments as well…do I have to start phasing those out?

Ok, enough verbal diarrhea.  I realize this is not a typical post, but I needed to get it off my chest.  And you readers unfortunately have to deal with it, since I don’t have a diary…I stopped writing those when I was 24.


One Response to HE SAID: Birthdays

  1. JP says:

    Yo, dip-shit, stop freaking out. Enjoy the campus scene. It’ll be a blast and trust me you’ll be showing those snotty college brats how to party with your extra man bulk and perpetually increasing “old man strength.” Nothing really changes after you graduate college anyway. Life for guys can be summed up like this: Baby; boy; uncomfortable teenage years (read uncontrollable erections), comfortable teenage years (i.e. you’ve found something you’re good at, you finally got laid, you got into into college, or, blessed baby jesus in heaven, all of the above.) Then it’s college, followed by ‘adult’ after college. I mean, seriously, are you any different now than when you graduated college? OK, your Calculus is GONE but you’re probably better now at all of the sports you practiced there. Tell me what else matters… Exactly. Now go add “Old School” to your NetFlix list, watch it, pick a character, and be that guy. “You’re my boy, Blue!”

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