HE SAID: Weddings

As a longtime bachelor, with very little hope to change that title seriously anytime soon, I must admit I approached this weekend a bit apprehensively.  I’ve been to a couple weddings in the past, the most recent ones being friends college and camp, so I could pretty much just focus on getting drunk and not having to deal with the adult section of the wedding.  This weekend was the wedding of one of my oldest friends, and next door neighbor…meaning adults I knew throughout my childhood would be in abundance, asking the typical questions regarding jobs (just quit) and girlfriends (don’t have one).  Not to mention my parents, who try their hardest to stay young but desperately want a grandchild. DSCF0028

But at the end of the day, I realized, one of my best friends was getting married, on a beach no less (perhaps more importantly on a beach about 75 yards from my house, meaning vehicles of any kind were not necessary, and last I checked you can’t be arrested for Walking Under the Influence), I knew I’d have the chance to reconnect with some good friends I hadn’t seen in years, and I knew my parents would leave somewhat early, meaning I could get wasted with some friends I hadn’t seen in years.  I pondered these thoughts while I got dressed, gelled up my hair, and sauntered off to the ceremony.

Well, as you can see, the setting was absolutely amazing, the ceremony was short and sweet, and the party that ensued was unforgettable.  Actually, I’m going to take this opportunity to plug the band, because they were fucking unreal.  So, if you have a wedding or a bar/bat mitzvah coming up anytime soon, look no further – http://www.myspace.com/worldpremierband (I should probably mention the groom’s band as well, so if you want some good old fashioned white boy reggae… http://www.myspace.com/seanbones)

Today I came to the conclusion that weddings are without a doubt a tremendous experience, on so many levels.  I’d like to put myself in a position to be invited to as many as possible over the next few years.  I think this is mainly due to the combination of an open bar and single girls.  Love is definitely in the air, and the female population who do not have a significant other are definitely looking to make out at the very least.  One girl even came up to a few of us and said “I heard you are the hot single guy with the weed…I’ll escort you to your car if you want to go get it.” I knew she wasn’t talking to me because I am neither hot, nor  did I have any marijuana or a car, but it was still awesome to hear.

At the end of the day though it’s an excuse for a good party.  Actually, strike that…it’s a really good excuse for a really good party (you can strike both of those really – because a wedding isn’t really about me, the open bar, it’s about the love of two people, but I hate getting cheesy and sentimental so just deal…).  Celebrating that big of an event, for that close of a friend, with that many people is bound to be a good time.  And I was glad to be a part of it.  I’m also glad I didn’t end up like one poor soul who managed to both take a 10 foot faceplant off a boat and piss in a cop car.


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