SHE SAID: Weddings

I too went to a wedding this weekend.  And while the one I attended was not lucky enough to have the humbly titled band Jeremy heard, it was also an amazing and memorable wedding.

For the most part, I enjoy going to weddings.  Impressive because I’m pretty cynical and not the most on board about the whole love lasting thing.  But how can you complain about free food, booze, and if no dancing, then at least the chance to sit on the edge of the dance floor laughing at the groom’s father’s cousin’s wife drunkenly dancing, arguably inappropriately, to some badly covered 80’s song?  I mean, I much prefer dancing, but the people watching is a good alternative.

And no matter how cynical or jaded you are,  weddings are awesomely positive.  You can’t help but appreciate how excited the couple is and how willing the guests are to toast to their love. People are there to have a great time, they want to smile and laugh and celebrate.  I love the toasts about how awesome both the groom and bride are, the stories about how they found one another, the crying parents, the drunk bridesmaid’s toast, being in high heels and a dress and maneuvering in a port-o-potty without sitting on the seat or touching anything … weddings are fun.

I’ve attended coming out parties, graduations, christenings, birthday parties and funerals and weddings are the most fun by far.  Even the quickie wedding with the pregnant bride that we were all terrified was going to end in divorce in mere minutes was an unforgettable celebration.  And when you are present at one of those weddings that makes you believe in love again.  When even you, as a guest and not one half of the couple saying their vows, believe that those two people are meant to be together and love one another in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer … it’s remarkable.  And most definitely cause for one hell of a celebration.


2 Responses to SHE SAID: Weddings

  1. Jenny M says:

    I too went to a wedding recently (last weekend) and it was all great. Until a friend of the groom barged into the wrong room (mine) at 5am and then spent the next hour dashing down the hall to the bathroom to be sick!

  2. […] I was planning to write Sunday night, only we got delayed on our way back from this awesome wedding in VA (the entire wedding was in the pool at the end of the night – in full wedding […]

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