SHE SAID: Unemployment

Aren’t you even going to reference the source you plagiarized for your opening?  “That question is bullshit to begin with. If everyone listened to her, there’d be no janitors, because no one would clean shit up if they had a million dollars.” – Office Space.

I don’t think we were ever specifically asked what we wanted to be when we grew up while I was in school, but when we had to draw a picture depicting our adult selves, I drew a queen.  Notwithstanding the obvious technicalities on reaching this position, one could argue that I have been striving for the unemployed bliss Jeremy describes since a young age.

However, unemployment sucks. It’s boring.  While working a 40 hour work week or more also sucks, there is some medium ground:  find something you love or find rewarding and still appreciate the lazy Sunday mornings, or days when you’re not in a hurry to get going somewhere. Work for yourself and you can make a lot of your own hours and take advantage of a nice day or whatever other reason you can come up with for not staring at a computer screen.

While waking up, eating cereal in your underwear while watching sportscenter and seeing where the day takes you is fun for a while, I know that I would get bored, however crazy that sounds.  I would want to be doing something, to be thinking or creating or trying to make the world a little better by being an active participant – even if that definition requires a serious stretch to work with what I’m doing.

My parents had a sign in the bathroom when we were growing up (right next to the “my aim is to keep the bathroom clean.  your aim will help” poster) that said “no one ever looked back and wished they’d spent more time at work.”  Cheesy as hell, but also very true.


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