HE SAID: Running

We have argued the positives and negatives of Forrest Gump in a previous blog, and like most human beings with any sort of emotion, I was a strong supporter of the film.  However, one part always annoyed me was this.  What the fuck is all the running about? Who made the executive decision that running was something you could construe as exercise? (By the way, in looking for a good youtube clip I came across this, it’s kind of funny…especially if you have a penis.

I just never could grasp the concept of running.  I think this is mostly do a few important factors: 1. I am incredibly lazy and 2. I am incredibly slow.  But still, competing in a sport like cross country always blew my mind.  For high school tennis we used to have to run 2 miles once a week to better our stamina, in the hopes that it would improve our overall tennis game; or maybe we’d do some strength training.  But in cross country, all they did was run.

I know I am coming off like a complete, ignorant jackass (I never have claimed not to be one), I simply don’t get any enjoyment out of it.  I have run before (albeit never more than two miles).  In the previously mentioned high school runs myself and a few others used to cut through the middle of campus to shorten it; and then in college we had to run two miles at the beginning of the fall season and then beat whatever time we got at the end of it.  So in typical Me fashion, I pretty much power walked my first time making it easy on myself the second time around.  In retrospect, probably a stupid tactic employed by our coach.  In fact, our coach wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed…he is no longer head coach, but for something else very different from stupidity.

This has pretty much been a diarrhea of the mouth type post, and an excessively stinky one at that.  I only thought of it because my co-writer ran a half marathon today out in Lake Tahoe.  She said it was “so much fun and the scenery was breathtaking.” Again, I question the funness of it because pounding your body on pavement for two hours or so just isn’t natural.  And as for the scenery, guess what? I bet lots of people who sat at a vista point to watch the runners got a pretty good fucking view as well (people who consistently watch marathons (not people who watch their family members/significant others yada yada yada) might be an entirely different topic for another day).  I guess you can make the whole self-fulfillment argument, and I get it…guess it just boils down to the whole notion of whatever floats your boat.  I get self-fulfillment out of the fact my fantasy football teams will be a collective 7-2 this weekend, Nifer gets it from abusing her body.

My whole point of view can best be summed up by a comment on Nifer’s facebook status, “…Hope you had a great run*…*contradiction of terms.”


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