HE SAID: Craigslist


As regular readers know, I am currently in grad school 9 hours per week, and 159 hours a week is a mixture of some excercise, homework, eating, socializing, pooping, and sleeping.  I’m looking to fill a few of those 159 (15-20 of them) with some employment.  As a result, I have been searching high and low for something that fits my needs.  For those wondering, I’m really looking to find something that coincides withthe Master’s I’m pursuing…so long as it’s high paying and doesn’t require TOO much effort.  I need to concentrate on my studies, you know?

One place I’ve been searching is Craigslist.  This is really the first time I have actively used this site.  Actually, not entirely true.  Nifer and I once posted a fake Casual Encounter W4M ad…we received about 90 emails back in a few hours, about half of which had a penis picture included, not cool.  I’m glad I brought this up though, although we aided to the problem I’m about to describe, craigslist is incredibly effed up.

I peruse the Vermont craigslist about once a day…at first it was just for jobs, but then when I realized how many gems are included I find myself spending up to 45 minutes at a time looking at absurd ads.  For example, one job posted was looking for someone to package DVD’s for 10 cents a pop.  Shit, wait a minute, that isn’t that absurd…I can make money wrapping some DVD’s while watching TV from the comforts of my own home.  Sounds pretty ideal to me.

The real gems come in the Casual Encounters section.  I mean, check this one out.  I mean, really, who posts that? Or this, for that matter?  There is even a subcategories like T4M and MW4T.  Am I so sexually repressed that I didn’t realize that a couple would be interested in having a casual encounter with a trannie (is ‘trannie’ a slur along the lines of the N or K word? I don’t even know, I hope I’m not offending anyone).

Then there is the For Sale Section…I mean, as someone with no income I totally understand trying to make some extra cash on the side.  But seriously, a Baby Gate for $5?  And actually, it’s not even being sold for $5, the person selling is asking for $5, leaving the price open to negotiation.  And while we are here, who the hell wants to buy 4 BETA tapes?

I really wonder how many people have been scammed on craigslist.  Caveat Emptor…if it’s too good to be true, it probably is…People really need to adhere to these warnings when perusing a free for all site like craigslist.  42 inch flatscreen TV for $75? The original owner’s kid probably took a leak onto the circuits.  A 5’5, 110 pound blond with 36 D’s?  She probably comes complete with a side of chlamydia (or you’d end up responding to two Ritards who have too much time on their hands…like myself and Nifer).

Finally, I strongly urge everyone to check this out.  It is, for the most part, incredibly entertaining.  Probably one of the more time wasting sites on the net, short of our little blog.

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