HE SAID: Obama & The Nobel Peace Prize

I bet you all are shocked that A. I am able to write coherently today B. I’m not in a mental hospital on suicide watch and C. That I’m able to write coherently about something not related to Black Sunday (yesterday…worst day in Boston Sports in a long, long time).  Well, for those not familiar with the Dbag page, I suggest you read this.

No, No.  I am fine, for those wondering; life goes on, and indeed there is other news to blog about (if I happen to slip a few Patriots or Red Sox references, just deal with it).  United States President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize a few days ago.  My question is, why?  In the interest of full disclosure, I voted for Mr. Obama & celebrated when he won.  I am not a diehard leftwing liberal nutjob, I do not support all of his politics, but overall feel pretty good about having him in office.

I still don’t get what he has done to warrant the Nobel Peace Prize.  This award isn’t like a Screen Actors Guild Award, or a VMA…this is the real effing deal.  Jimmy Carter (a former winner himself) said something about the award being some bold statement of interational support, his vision & committment to world peace, yada yada yada…All those things are amazing, and I sincerely hope they are realized one day, and realized soon.  But the key word that Carter used was “vision.”  Besides ending a perceived 8 year reign of terror, I’m just not so sure Obama has done enough to warrant such a prestigious award.

Believe me, I’m not sitting here proclaiming he has done a bad job or anything like that, if he were getting a grade wouldn’t it be incomplete at this point?  We aren’t even 3/4 of a year into his term yet, how can we possibly judge what he has done accurately.  I hope in another year or so everyone feels like he has done an A+ job…but let’s face reality here folks, there is a chance he might end up more deserved of D.  I hope that isn’t the case, but who the eff knows?

I know what he has talked about in his speeches, I know all of his major promises to not only the United States but also the rest of the world…but I’m pretty sure Theo Epstein promised a World Series title this year, last I checked Major League Baseball didn’t give him GM of the year during Spring Training.  Probably a good thing too, as evidenced by the epic collapse that occurred over the last 72 hours.  Let’s all hope that in a few years we aren’t discussing how Obama’s term in office was filled with the promise of a lost baseball season, and that much of that promise was fulfilled (one last note – by “we” I am referring to liberals, conservatives, Americans, Israelis, Lithuanians, etc etc etc…)


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