HE SAID: Alex Rodriguez (aka A-Rod)

I thought I was going to spend 6 paragraphs crapping on the Yankees for buying another World Series and for having the biggest group of Dbag fans on the planet.  But then I realized a few things: 1. The Red Sox had the 4th highest payroll in baseball for 2009 (albeit still 80 million less than the Yankees, but still..) 2. The Yankees only have the biggest group of Dbag fans because their population is bigger.  A good portion of Red Sox fans are just as lame, there are just fewer because they are being drawn from an overall smaller group.  And #3. I actually like this group of players on the Yankees team.  It is impossible not to respect guys like Jeter, Posada and Rivera.  Then there is Matsui, who once apologized to his fans for getting injured.  Sure, Joba, Swisher and Teixeeeaiiaira are all incredibly annoying, but every team has annoying players (eg – Kevin Youkilis…and you can’t accuse me of being an anti-semite).  Here’s the thing though, not every team has an A-Rod, only the Yankees do.  And while he will retire as one of the top 5 baseball players of all time, he will also retire a bigger douchebag than the likes of Ty Cobb and Pete Rose.


I mean, I honestly don’t feel as though I need to write anything more.  Don’t these two pictures speak for themselves.  For those that aren’t aware, the live action shot is of A-Rod trying to slap the ball away (which he was successful at) in an effort to cheat and get to first base.  He was called out.  This second one is an action shot of what he probably does on a nightly basis.  Except, I bet he puts his biceps up to the mirror and french kisses those.  Did anyone watch the postgame stuff last night?

I did.  Jeter, Rivera, Girarid…kudos on coming off as %100 professional.  Arod, on the other hand, had the worst performance on stage of the year (well, second to Kanye).  And the worst part is, I don’t have any proof.  It’s nothing specific he does or says…it’s simply what he exudes.  He isn’t a bad person, by any means.  Getting called out as a steroid user didn’t affect my opinion of him one way or the other, because simply put, I’m under the impression that anyone who hit over 40 homers over the past decade took steroids (with the exception of Albert Pujols).  Leaving his wife for Madonna is obviously a questionable decision, but athletes pull crap like that all the time.  Seattle fans hating him for ditching them for more money?  Well yes, that is true.  But it’s not as if he left for a few extra million; Seattle offered him 8 years for $108mil, Texas offered him 10 years for $250mil.  Big effing difference.

I really wish I had more than two pictures to support my claim.  And maybe in the long run Nifer and I will move this post to the Dbag page.  But the morning after ARod won his first World Series, there was nothing else I could write front page material on.  He is that deserved of my wrath.  Maybe I’m just angry because the Sox lost and the Yankees won, but as my many Yankee fan friends will tell you, my congrats was probably the first they received.  No, it’s really just Arod, I didn’t want him to win.  Or maybe it’s really because Nifer finally beat me at Trivial Pursuit last night.


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  1. Marina says:

    Love the photos!

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