HE SAID: Tiger Woods

I almost feel like this post belongs on our dbag page, because there really isn’t a more accurate word to describe Tiger Woods – at least with regards to this specific situation.  Actually, there isn’t a more accurate word to describe anyone in this particular situation.  The situation is filled with dbags.  How many dbags we got on this ship anyhow (for those that didn’t catch this reference, go check out Spaceballs).

I mean, really, lets dissect from the top.  Tiger. Effing dbag.  First of all, who gets into an accident by driving into a tree and fire hydrant at less than 33 mph.  Oh wait, that happens all the time, to less than sober drivers.  Then for what has been almost a week, he has avoided both police and reporters and has only released a statement basically asking to respect his privacy.  Eff that, I don’t buy into the whole “superstars are entitled to the same amount of privacy everyone else is.”  Bullshit. You know why? We regular people are the reason he is so wealthy.  We pay premium prices for tickets to see him, we buy Nike gear that fund his endorsements.  Now, I’m not saying we should be entitled to who is he most likely banging on the side, but we deserve more than he is given; it’s part of the social contract.

The police.  You are also being dbags.  Just do your effing jobs.  Don’t cower to the power of celebrity that is Tiger Woods.  Putting the interview off once I can deal with…one can make the argument that Tiger was in some rough shape and needed some time to recover.  Twice? Three times now?  Please, just get this over with.

TMZ/National Enquirer.  You are also dbags…but not just because of this story.  Your entire purpose is to make other people miserable.  Do people that work for outfits such as these realize this aspect to their lives?  You are successful in your job if you tap deeply into the private lives of others, making them suffer.  Sweet life.

General Public. We are being dbags about this as well.  Lets all calm down with the conspiracy theories about them staging the accident to avoid public scrutiny about domestic dispute.  Like I said above, we deserve the truth, but we don’t need to dissect every aspect to his marriage.  Everyone should just shut the eff up about this already.  Which makes this entire post somewhat contradictory.  So I’ll stop.

After I mention Elin Nordegren Woods.  You are not innocent in all this, but when I looked you up I found this, and just can’t come up with anything negative to say about you.



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  1. […] was a quiz show that focused on music and movies, I would have rocked that like Tiger rocked that fire hydrant.  It also helped launch the careers of Adam Sandler and Colin […]

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