HE SAID: US Airways

As someone who traveled through airports constantly over the past five years, I sympathize with anyone who has miserable airport/airline experiences.  I mean, I was the guy who looked into buying any URL that sounded like “www.airlineindustrycanlickmyballs.com.”  So, Nifer, I sympathize with you in this situation in every way.  Overbooking flights is a horrific way to do business, and as a result airlines are losing clients such as yourself (however, I’ve flown just about every major US based airline, and they all do it, so avoiding US Airways probably won’t solve your problem.)

However, my issue with you, Nifer, lies in the fact that you know airlines overbook; especially the Sunday after New Years!  Knowing this, and knowing that you do everything short grocery shopping and sex with your iphone, how the hell did you not think to check in online?! Actually, for the record, it would not surprise me to learn that you use your iphone in some sort of creepy cyber-sex way.  You are a seasoned traveler, who should have been able to avoid the situation.  And, there is no one that knows you that actually believes you got to the airport on time. No one.

That all being said, you got screwed by an industry that likes to bend people over all the time, in every way imaginable.  My trip this past weekend out to Hawaii (yes, I’m blogging from Maui, though I think I’m still enjoying my vacation as I am currently writing 10 yards from the Pacific Ocean), went incredibly smoothly, considering I had to fly through O’Hare – a shitstorm 12 months a year, even moreso in the winter.  But when I get on a 9 hour flight, I was really shocked I had to pay $9 for an effing roast beef sandwich (and by roast beef sandwich, I mean shitty stale bread with one slice of roast beef between it).  I’m not trying to compare my situation to yours in any way, merely trying to show no matter how good a flight goes, there is always something to complain about with the airlines.  For more, see an old blog.

While we are here, I’m going to briefly touch upon the new TSA rules pertaining to international flights after the recent attempted bombing.  The whole”can’t go to the bathrom last hour of the flight” thing really pisses me off.  Is this because a terrorist is more likely to blow up the plane right near the destination as opposed to somewhere over the atlantic?  If so, this really isn’t comforting anyone of the 300 or so passengers on the 777.  I have a better idea…how about the TSA hire competent people to do their jobs properly so nothing gets on the plane that doesn’t belong.  And in case TSA is reading this, I think you do a wonderful job, please don’t put me on any watch list, and search me everytime I fly.


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