SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

There was a time when I was more interested in the ads playing during the Super Bowl than the game itself.  Somewhere in the last few years due to more football watching and the recession making the ads less interesting, that changed.  This year’s stunk, although I am interested in why Leno, Letterman and Oprah were all on a couch (I couldn’t hear the ad due to a large group of people) and I’m more than a little surprised that Leno and Conan weren’t snuggled up together sharing the popcorn.  Please let me know if I missed out on anything groundbreaking by not hearing that ad.  In the meantime, here are 38 years of Super Bowl ads on one website.


Quite possibly my favorite duet ever.  I mean, it’s tough to top the BeeGees, but these guys manage what I thought was impossible.


My cousin, Hilary, is a member of the U.S. Women’s Ice Hockey Team and they are positioned to do quite well in Vancouver.  Here is a link to her bio.  If you’re wanting updates and more information, under “Search Athletes” (on the right side of the page) click on “!Alerts” and sign up to receive e-mails and/or texts about Hilary & the Women’s Team.


From Vermont?  Like Vermont?  How about the Olympics?  Check out this blog about the Vermont Olympians.


In case you missed Jon Stewart on the O’Reilly Factor … you might want to check it out.  This link includes his reflections on the interview once he was safely back on his own show.


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