SHE SAID: Moving

Moving is miserable.  I don’t care if you have ten things or ten million things.  It still sucks to have to box up your stuff and transport it.  Even if you’re going to a really cool place, and you’re so excited about what lies ahead in this new place … it still sucks to have to load up all your gear and get it to the new place.

The big stuff, the heavy stuff, the stuff you ask your friends to come over and help you load into the truck, car, van, isn’t really what I’m talking about, either.  I’m talking about once all that stuff is cleared away and you’re left with the clutter.  The stuff you haven’t thrown away because you think someone might want it since it’s nice and just because you don’t use it doesn’t mean someone else won’t.  Or the stuff that you had lining your window sills that doesn’t really pack up all that easily and what exactly would you write on the top of that box since there isn’t a classification for clutter.  Stuff-I-don’t-need-but-am-having-a-hard-time-ditching.

The cleansing is good.  Getting rid or so much stuff you’ve accumulated whether you’ve lived somewhere for 5 months or 50 years.  But it’s kind of good in the way that going to the dentist’s office is good.  No one looks forward to it with glee, and when you’re there you’re clutching the seat in misery waiting for it to be over … but once you walk out, you’re pretty psyched.  I mean, clean teeth is a pretty awesome feeling.  But I digress …

I know I will be glad to have gone through my stuff and gotten rid of stuff I shouldn’t have been holding on to.  I know that I will look back once I spend a few nights in my new place thinking about how great that cleanse was.  How nice it feels not to have that cactus that was dying, but I wasn’t getting rid of, to look at and feel guilty about anymore.  I’ll feel organized and on top of it and fresh.

But in the meantime, while I’m mid-move and my house looks like a festering group of angry moles when through it strictly in spite, I’m not enjoying it.  And I’m looking forward to being done with it and reflecting about how it wasn’t all that bad, but really more therapeutic.  Really.


2 Responses to SHE SAID: Moving

  1. God says:

    I just moved to a 4th floor walk up in downtown Boston, I have no sympathy.

  2. Robbi says:

    Really, one of the most depressing days in my life was when we were moving from Billsville to Savannah, and it was 5am, we had been packing for days, and the floor was covered with all that sort of shit you’re talking about. We ended up just sweeping it into garbage bags in despair. It came out to 8 garbage bags worth of stuff. You have my sympathies.
    But the payoff is new place, sans dead cactus – hooray!

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