I think you are heading down a dangerous path here, Nifer.  You qualify your position by saying stuff like, “I understand it’s a personal choice,” but to me and other readers it sounds like, “if you are hairy you aren’t sexy.”  That’s the problem with our country today Nifer! G-ddamned you for adding to it…”you need to be skinny, you need to shave…” Same old bullshit everyday, no wonder our nation’s youth needs a book called, “Prozac Nation.”

No, I’m only kidding.  Nifer didn’t come across like that at all, I just wanted to scare my co-writer for a brief moment into thinking she might have sounded like a hair-nazi.  All in all, I agree with most of what you said…at the end of the day too much hair is gross, whether on a male or female.  The difference being “too much hair” is relative for each sex.

In the USA at least, leg hair on a man is considered normal; on a woman not so much.  On a man, a little bit of back hair is passable, too much is gross.  On a woman, a little bit of back hair is gross, and too much can be vomit inducing (and don’t get me started on what Nifer referred to as “stray friends in a bikini bottom;” even typing that made me puke in my mouth a little).  On a woman, some light lip hair can actually be quite humurous and lead to simple,  yet effective, jokes like, “someone get that bitch a razor for Christmas!”  On a man, however, lip hair is commonly known as a ‘moustache,’ and is typically associated with sexual offenders.

Armpit hair on a woman, can be the worst though.  Yes, even worse than an untamed forest down below.  At the end of the day, there are many women in this country who don’t tame that beast, but it is far less common to have hairy pits.  I know a guy who had a great first date, and the woman ended up on his couch in a furious makeout session.  Well, her shirt came off and BAM! armpit hair.  They never saw each other again.

Oh, and finally…what the hell are you talking about with the whole “leg hair getting caught in ski boots.”  It has never happened to me, nor have any males I know complained about it.  Is women’s leg hair weaker than ours? Is leg hair just another symbol of our male dominated society? Shit, I better stop there.


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