HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

A couple of recut trailers to start out: Up 1st, Top Gun becomes a love story; second- The Shining becomes a romantic comedy.  This one is just plain wrong.


I think all things being equal, I’d rather watch Baywatch than Lost…or I could just watch this.


Here is a printable NCAA Tourney Bracket, even though gambling is illegal.  And you all must promise to report any of your winnings to the IRS next year.  And no, I didn’t include a link to the Women’s tourney….UConn is going to win.


This is an incredibly shameless plug, but seriously, just effing follow us on twitter.  Here is the link – http://twitter.com/hesaidnshesaid.  Even if you think twitter is lame and you aren’t on it, sign up.  Following the right things is hugely beneficial…for example, where did Pearl Jam first announce their forthcoming US Tour? Twitter.


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