SHE SAID: Case of the Wednesdays?

Despite lugging my laptop along with me on my trip, the internet was broken.  To find other means of getting on-line was just too taxing, or, rather, I didn’t feel like driving 25 minutes to find some wi-fi so I could post on Monday morning.  I didn’t have internet for 4 days – the longest stretch I’ve done in years.  But, four books and 36 miles of running later, I’m back.

_______  I’m both awed and upset.  Awed at the amount of lame/weird/personal stuff people advertise on facebook and upset that while Jeremy and I have mocked our mutual friends who share too much, we didn’t think of starting up a site like this.  I highly recommend the relationship section.


Apparently this is the new thing to do as a teenage girl.  I’m so glad this stuff wasn’t around when I was in high school.


What would you do for five dollars?  I can’t think of anything right now, other than correctly load your dishwasher.


My friend came up with the term “bonsai’d” for when you’re getting pigeonholed at work and are allowed no upward movement, etc.  I am pretty psyched about the chance to use this phrase in conversation soon.  Until then, I think I might submit him for entry here.


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