HE SAID: Superstition

I crap you not, when starting this post I was watching the Wheel and the clue was “Song Title.”  Of course, the answer was “Superstition by Stevie Wonder.” Wild stuff. Did I make anything of it? No, because I am not superstitious.  In light of that, instead of just a diatribe on why I’m not superstitious, I figured I’d let the wonder of youtube excite you.  Well, that and simply put, Nifer’s post kind of deserves to stand on its own.

The aforementioned song, with Jeff Beck.

Sound would have been nice, but this is actually kind of sweet. I miss puppets.

Kind of makes you wonder how many ritards actually tried this to get free coffee at McDonalds.

Things I did not have at age 8 – the ability to make a somewhat watchable two minute movie, the ability to act, $20 in my back pocket, and a huge front tooth.


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