HE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

Guess what? The 2010 Webby Award Nominees came out! And guess who got nominated? Not us. But sites we’ve posted sure as hell did.  Check em out here.


Um – http://www.findagrave.com/ – I guarantee you that you could waste hours on here. For example, check out the “interesting epitaphs” section.  One dentist’s gravestone said, “I’m filling my last cavity.” And yes, for the record I am not depressed and/or suicidal (despite the recent Red Sox effort to drive me there).


It’s Marathon Monday in the center of the world (Boston).  Here is an old Sports Guy column to assist you.


Last but not least, if this doesn’t put you in a good mood to start off your week, I don’t know what does. Remember to stand tall on the wings of your dreams.

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