SHE SAID: The 1990s

The 90’s.  I entered them wearing scrunchies and pinch rolling my jeans and left them partying in a remote cabin in Northwestern Mass since we were all paranoid about celebrating New Years in a populated place and being decimated. The years 12 to 21 are pretty defining in a young lass’s life, and I had the fortune to spend mine cruising through the 90’s.

1990: My parents switched me to a new school, a private school, and dressed me for my first day in a floor length animal print jumper and a white turtle neck (my mother insisted on outfitting me in animal prints way past when it was socially acceptable to be wearing them) I attempted to salvage the outfit by pairing it with teal blue Converse high tops.  It took me months and months to rebound from that faux pas.

1991: I buy my first cd.  Unfortunately it’s Paula Abdul’s “Forever Your Girl”.  I go shopping in the summer and see that the GAP is no longer pinch rolling their manikin’s jeans and have an internal celebration.

1992: Behind the 8-ball on this one, I purchase Nirvana’s Nevermind and Pearl Jam’s Ten.  I now own three cd’s and consider throwing out Paula, but then my collection would be a third smaller.  I keep Paula.  Later that summer my friend Jill and I spend a month with my family in Nantucket.  Jill, being a gorgeous blond, has guys flocking around her and tolerating her awkward brunette friend (that’s me) and one of them scales the side of our house after curfew to try to get a few extra moments with Jill.  My father catches him and my curfew is set at 9:30pm.

1993: My nieces are collecting Beanie Babies and refuse to take the tags off because it will diminish their value.  I have my first kiss.

1994: Buffalo Bills lose their forth Superbowl in a row.  My boyfriend is playing Doom non-stop and has a CompuServe email address that is a series of numbers strung together ie:  We all think it is incredibly cool.  Sherryl Crow’s “All I Wanna Do” plays on the radio non-freaking stop and all I wanna do is make it stop.  My brother and his friend go as Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan for Halloween.

1995: I attend my first Dead show in Highgate, VT only because my older brother convinces my mom and dad that the Dead are anti-drugs.  That August, Jerry Garcia dies and I shave my head, but those are unrelated events.

1996: I attend a Dave Matthews Band concert and am beyond mildly obsessed with Oasis and their front-man and resident bad boy, Liam Gallagher.  My younger brother and I go to see the Bevis and Butthead movie in a theater while visiting my father in London.  We giggle the entire movie and I don’t recall hearing a Brit laugh throughout the entirety.

1997: Over Liam Gallagher, I unintentionally insult Ben Folds while waiting in line at a deli and he graciously offers me backstage tickets to the show he’s playing that night.  I become a fan.  Underclassmen are still allowed to drink on campus where I attend school.

1998: The last Seinfeld episode is aired and I feel robbed.  Lou Merloni plays for the Red Sox and my mother, mishearing the fans calling his name, is confused as to why the fans are boo-ing him.  Saturday Night Live relishes in the Monica Lewinsky scandal and briefly stops sucking.

1999: Underclassmen are no longer allowed to drink at parties at my college and binge drinking skyrockets.  Prince’s song is finally applicable.  I get my first cell phone, a Nokia.  The Sopranos and Jon Stewart initiate the salvaging of television.  I finish the year, as I mentioned before, partying in a cabin in Northwestern Mass.  Right before the dropping of the ball, someone puked and accusations flew.

32 Responses to SHE SAID: The 1990s

  1. Great post on the 90s! My first CD was Crash Test Dummies.

  2. Aiden R says:

    Man, the ’90s kicked ass. Good tunes in those early years. Very cool Ben Folds story, too. Just saw him in concert for the third time last week and he was so damn cool. I wanna do one of these!

  3. 2 Gabby Gals says:

    What a fun post! Although we were a few years older, we totally relate. Times have changed so much. I remember my first cell phone in 1997 and it was HUUUGGGGEEE. But I thought I was so cool.

  4. Goodie Girl says:

    Sounds a lot like my life in the 90’s!!!! Different state, same timeline!

  5. Nora Salem says:

    This is awesome. I love 90’s tribute. I was 9-18 in the 90’s so I was in Elementry school, Jr. High, High School, and College. So I feel you! I would add the Latin Explosion to 1999!

    Lovin’ your blog. Keep the posts coming. You can check out my blog at

    I’m adding your blog to my blogroll, so ppl visiting my site can find yours too!


  6. gayfamilyangryworld says:

    My first Cd was En Vogue “funky divas”. I quickly realized I was not a said funky diva! I quickly switched to Nirvana, Green Day and Sublime. They suited my brooding white-girl ways much more then En Vogue. Nice time line by the way!

  7. virginia says:

    Loved this post!! I grew up in tihe 90’s as well, but I don’t even remember what my first CD was.

  8. ramonakent says:

    I was raising my beautiful daughter Breland through the ninty’s… It was a decade that I discovered who I really was as a person…

  9. jodie says:

    Excellent post. The 90’s were great for me. I still have a few scrunchies and might get them out tonight and dance to Prince 1999.

  10. lunchwithmary says:

    I got Paula Abdul Forever Your Girl in 91 too, but in cassette form. My first CDs were the Batman soundtrack (Batdance!) and Technotronic. Your list brought back a lot of memories – a lot of very similar experiences. I live in Canada though so in college you can pretty much drink whenever and wherever you want (except maybe the middle of the street). It is also pretty amazing that your brother convinced your parents that the Dead were anti-drug.

  11. asmode says:

    awesome post, laughed a lot 🙂 I was born ’92 but I remember buying an AQUA-cd. and spice girls. oh yeah!

  12. Ina says:

    I Love 90’s I grew up at 90’s, Radiohead, Nirvana, and Collective Souls are my favorite

  13. The 90’s were fantastic!!! Awesome post, it took me back to my scrunchies-wearing days, when I was ultra-cool and hip. Just like the Venga Boys.

  14. Jessica says:

    Amazing. You described the 90’s as if it were yesterday. I LOVE BEN FOLDS!!!!!

  15. kidslong says:

    Good post!Time flies!!

  16. Tracy says:

    just put on all my 90s tunes for the last hour. memories of childhood!

  17. Wow, Such a generational gap, but I still enjoyed reading it! I’ll have to do one on the 2000’s, my more formative years!

  18. Hal says:

    Yea, the 90’s! I was just too cool then! LOL! Heck, I was listening “RUSH”, TRIUMP, AC/DC, Talking Heads, Nirvana, Scorpions, Guns & Roses, The Beasty Boys, and more bands than I possibly list here. I wanted to be a “Live Sound” and Recording Engineer at one point in my life.

    Mainly at that time I was just a SFV Boy here in Los Angeles, CA (born in Santa Monica at St. John’s Hospital – so yes I was a beach baby:)) wondering what the heck I was going to do with the rest of my life!?

    Anyway, the blog posts here are very entertaining, and pretty funny considering I can totally relate!

  19. Songbird says:

    What a great time capsule of the 90s! Fab read! Enjoyed it with my morning coffee!

  20. GHD says:

    I love 90′s tribute. I was 9-18 in the 90′s so I was in Elementry school, Jr. High, High School, and College.

  21. slamdunk says:

    Gotta love the Compuserve number email. Thanks for the laugh.

  22. wildwoodflwr says:

    Fantastic tribute. I was 7-17 in the 90s. My first album was No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom. Still one of my all time favorite albums.

  23. becky says:

    This is amazing. I can relate to just about everything on there. 😀

    Scrunchies are for sale again if you can believe it.

  24. cookforward says:

    you’ve got great memory for details, even 10-20 years later… my first cd was Weezer’s blue album. “you go girl!”

  25. bethmd says:

    I probably had 100 scrunchies in the ’90s. I wonder what the scrunchie of the 2K-10 will be?

  26. 90’s tribute is the best. Im loving it 😀

  27. Breland Kent says:

    Very Interesting, Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  28. Yes, and I could of been murdered just for messaging you to conratulate you on this article, if this was the 1990’s !

    Such was Soviet days, oh the memories !

    Sincerely to you.


    Ukraine !

    • Lisa says:

      I remember the Cold War! I grew up a decade earlier than this blogger – in the 80s. It seems (now) that we were all so brainwashed by movies, the press, politicians and even the history books, etc…. to believe that Communism, and therefore the Soviets, were inherently evil.

  29. Andrea says:

    I remember the 90s too. It was a trip I graduated High school in 1999 and now I am back in school finishing undergrad LOL

  30. Scott says:

    Ahhh, thanks for the trip down memory lane. I loved the 90’s, some great years.

  31. unforgivens says:

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