SHE SAID: Case of the Mondays?

I’m not a fan of the finger quotes.  Sure, sometimes it helps delineate a speaker in an orally recounted conversation, but overall, I think they are abused and overused.  Kind of related, someone has taken the time to photographically document the misuse, overuse, and abuse of the quotations all around us. Check it out. It’s highly entertaining and also kind of upsetting.  My sixth grade teacher, owner of the self titled grammar bible, would have been distressed to see this site.


Wow.  Sir Mix A Lot.  I like Butterfingers too, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to sell out.


Someone awesome cataloged every single Calvin and Hobbes cartoons online using AJAX.  Best part is you can search for your favorites using dialog.


How much do you think Britney is kicking herself for not recording Lady Gaga’s Telephone?  She did a demo and then passed on it! Yet another example of her terrible decision making ….


I don’t know if everyone on earth has seen this video of the kids acting out the hills, but the little girl who plays Audrina should get nominated for whatever awards show recognizes mock-offs.


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